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Possessed ! (standard:horror, 826 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Sep 12 2012Views/Reads: 1623/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A serial killer was on the loose on the highways

Possessed ! 

He was just a punk kid about eighteen , well built and tough looking. He
had a mop of red hair hanging from beneath a blue baseball cap. He wore 
a black leather wind breaker and blue jeans and he stood almost in the 
centre of the highway, waving me down. I felt sorry for him, so I 
pulled over and stopped . "Where you going, kid?" I asked. "To 
Kimberly." he replied with a toothy smile.Kimberly was the next town 
about 10 miles ahead. "Okay, Get in " I said. He thanked me , 
unstrapped his haversack from his , and got in. After he had buckled 
up, I found a gear, and drove off .I turned on the radio which was 
playing some country music. "So, what are you doing on the road at this 
time, “there's a killer on the loose in these parts, you know' "Yeah, I 
know," he said," a real nut if you ask me, he already killed six 
people...axed them to death, he did" I checked the fuel gauge . It was 
almost empty. "Looks like I've got to get some gas." I said. "A good 
idea," He replied," I also need to take a leak. " We pulled into a 
three pump gas station a couple miles down the road. The Gas Station 
stood all alone in the midst of prairie land. A few rolls of Hay laid 
scattered about in the distance next to an old red Barn. An old guy 
came out of the store wiping his hands on a dirty rag as I parked the 
car. "Well, What will it be?" asked the guy coming around to the 
driver's window. "Fill her up," I said. "Any washroom around here,  pop 
? " asked the kid . "Yeah."  replied the old guy, " at the back of the 
store on your left." The kid got out and went around the building.The 
old guy uncapped the fuel tank and placed a pump inside. He said in a 
raspy voice, "Say, did you hear about them murders ?" "Yeah ," I 
replied," it's all over the news. Pretty grim stuff." I was feeling 
kind of tired from the long trip and didn't really feel like talking, 
but being a nice guy, I figured that the old guy was a bit lonely out 
here in the prairie so I let him talk. "Pretty sick guy, hacking up all 
them people like that". He continued, replacing the fuel pump." "Yeah, 
I heard he sure butchered them up alright, a real psycho. I can't 
figure what's this world coming to."He slipped the rag into his back 
pocket and said, "Well, that will be ten bucks" I paid him and wondered 
what's keeping the kid so long.He thanked me, told me to be careful and 
went back inside the building, Just then the kid came back outside 
carrying two bags of chips and a couple of Coke. After we finished 
eating the snacks, I drove out of the gas station and headed down the 
highway. After a few minutes of silence elapsed the kid said, "You 
know, I was wondering about the killings," "Yeah?  what about them?"I 
asked. "What makes a guy go on a rampage like that." "Well, people kill 
for various reasons” I replied ”Revenge, greed, jealousy. Sometimes, 
they are just plain psychos, killing just for the pleasure of it". I 
explained."He surprises people. Never know where nor when he will pop 
up next. Or who his next target will be, It's difficult to catch a man 
like that." "These nutcases are usually very cunning" The kid said 
licking his lips" but I say they will get him. He can't go on killing 
people like that. He will make a slip up some time. " "Well, I guess 
that after awhile it didn't make any difference to him who they were, 
men , women, kids. They were all the same to him," I said. I heard they 
got a description of him." "Yeah? what did they say he looked like ?"I 
asked curiously "Well , for one thing, the survivor said he had red 

"How about me, don't I fit the description?"I asked playfully. "Naw,
you've got brown hair."He answered evenly biting into a chip I said. 
"Well, you know, I could have dyed it " 

The kid's eyes widened in fear and disbelief when he saw me reaching for
the machete The kid saw it and quickly unlocked the door and tried to 
run then he stumbled. He was  strong and dispatching him was difficult. 
After slitting his throat with one swipe . I took his body and dumped 
it in a the dense bushes. ,went back to my car and headed for home. 
"Well done, David" said the voices in my head. The Voice keeps telling 
me to do these awful things to people and I can't help myself. I must 
obey....I must ! 



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