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Harry's Hamburgers (standard:humor, 337 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Sep 21 2012Views/Reads: 1315/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Harry had a "secret" recipe.

Harry's Hamburgers Harry sold the best hamburgers in town and every
Saturday night his customers lined up to feast on his “Specially made 
from a secret recipe.” Hamburgers.  Business was always bright on 
Saturdays for Harry, all 300 pounds of him and,of course, he was all 
smiles. “Let me have a double, Harry.” cried one of his customers 
“Coming up , Bob.”Harold replied moving exceptionally fast for a man of 
his weight to fulfil the order. He had grown to know all of his 
customers by first name, even the kids and everyone liked big ,fat 
,jovial Harry, yes, sir, they sure did and no one questioned where he 
got his meat from neither. They just ate and ate and Harry's cash 
register kept ringing and ringing , all sweet music to his ears. After 
the day's business, Harry would pack his stuff into his pickup “See you 
folks next week.” He would say and drove away , waving to some of his 
well satisfied customers. would waved back with smiles. Then there was 
a meat shortage in the county but this did not seem to bother Harry. He 
was always on time ,at his usual spot with his delicious hamburgers and 
his customers kept coming and coming, Then one day a customer named 
Bailey, out of curiosity, asked . “Say, Harry, where do you get your 
meat for your burgers seeing that there's such a shortage?” Harry 
smiled and raised a finger, winked and said “Ah, that's my little 
secret, Mr. Bailey, would you like another hamburger?” The matter was 
dropped and the question remained unanswered until one fine day another 
customer found the tip of a human finger, nail and all, in his 
hamburger. News of this atrocity spread far and wide in the county, of 
course, and to this day no one can find Harry and his “Specially made” 
hamburgers. Post Script : All those customers that  recently bought 
Harry's “Specially made.” hamburgers were still trying to get it out of 
their systems. End


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