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Eno Fruit Salt (standard:other, 843 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Sep 22 2012Views/Reads: 1782/1011Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A name like Eno is very unusul in US but for Juggernaut it raised old memories of drinking Eno Fruit Salt, a medicated salty drink commonly used in India for digestion.

Eno Fruit Salt 

Subba Rao 

“Say your name again?” asked Juggernaut. 

“Eno,” came the reply with an accent. The man appears to be in 

late sixties; he made a short pony tail in the back and left the grey 

beard hanging loose. His accent was neither American nor British, some 

kind of unknown European but clearly he can communicate in English, 

only one has to have patience to listen him carefully to fully 


“I can relate to your name Eno.” 


“I grew up drinking Eno Fruit Salt drink, a kind of a mild 

medicated salt drink to sooth the stomach after a heavy meal or a 

wedding feast,” said Juggernaut rubbing his stomach with his palm. 

“I am glad you can remember my name somehow,” Eno laughed 

exposing his teeth, some missing and few gold capped. “I can relate to 

Indians, while growing up in London, my parents boarded students from 

India, remember names like Choudary, Singh and Swamy.” 

“How come you don't have English accent growing up in England?” 

Juggernaut was curious. 

“Well, I born in Hungary but my parents left Hungary when I was 

ten to England to escape communist rule, so my accent was set already 

and also grew up among Hungarian community in London where everybody 

spoke Hungarian,” Eno spoke slowly dragging each word to completion 

before uttering the next word. 

“How you ended up on the Big Island?” 

“I am an American citizen since early seventies through my 

marriage to an American woman in London, you see American women get 

bored pretty quick with men, so we departed, she went back to the 

United States.” 

“How about Hungarian women?” 

“Hungarian women are faithful but at the age of forty they look 

sixty and at fifty they look seventy; American women look young even at 

an old age.” “I remained in London until mid seventies then came to the 

United States working on a cruise ship. My father taught me a lot about 

photography and restoring old paintings so I did lot of work restoring 

old paintings at rich people mansions in West Palm Beach and other 

effluent communities and later  moved to New Orleans, learned to play 

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