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When Galloping Gertie Came to Play (youngsters:other, 1115 words)
Author: LindaAdded: Apr 16 2001Views/Reads: 3547/1700Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story for young readers...or parents who wish to read to their child...a boring Saturday changed when a big yellow dog came to the door...


It was a dreary, boring Saturday, When Galloping Gertie came to play.
Sally and I were on the couch... She was being an awful grouch. 

We went to the door when we heard a knock; Opened it wide and stared in
shock. There on the steps was a very strange sight- A big yellow dog 
who's almost my height. 

She stuck out a paw and said, "How do you do? I'm Galloping Gertie and
I'm pleased to meet you." She was dressed all in purple including her 
hat; I've never seen anything weirder than that! 

'Don't stand there and stare--it's terribly rude; Let me come in and
give me some food." We jumped out of her way, she galloped in, And 
headed straight for the cookie bin. 

"Chocolate and oatmeal," she said with a smile; "I haven't had those for
a long, long while." Sally giggled and laughed, but I'm not really sure 
About this creature that's wearing yellow fur! 

I looked at Sally and she shook her head, "She didn't speak, dogs
can't," she said. Dogs do nothing but bark and yap And spend their days 
just taking a nap. 

Gertie cried, "Not true!  Not true! Spend time with me and I'll show you
How smart and talkative we really are. Grab a cookie; we're going far!" 

She galloped and skidded her way to the door Tripped over a skate and
fell to the floor. She picked herself up and said with a frown, "If you 
picked up your toys I wouldn't fall down!" 

She set off again at a rapid pace, Hit the table and knocked off a vase.
"Gertie, slow down!" I heard Sally yell; "Walking, not running, will do 
just as well." 

We hollered "Good-bye" as we tore out the door, Ready for adventure and
a whole lot more. Mom said, "You're safe with Galloping Gertie; Just 
try not to get too terribly dirty." 

Gertie said, "Hurry, oh hurry, you two; There are so many things I need
to show you. Look at this path; let's see where it goes. Run after me, 
I'm chasing my nose." 

Suddenly Sally and I heard a sound; We stopped in our tracks and looked
all around. It sounded to me like I heard a frog croak, It said, "Look 
over here, I'm beside the big oak." 

Now I know for a fact that a frog cannot talk; Sally was speechless and
could just stand and gawk. Gertie said, "Look, this is a magical day; 
There'll be surprises galore, but still time to play." 

The frog said, "Hello, Zack, you're quite a bright lad; I seem to have
lost my best lily pad. Do you suppose that you can find me the lake? 
Losing my pad was a stupid mistake!" 

"Run back to the house and let everyone know That over to the lake's
where we're going to go. Sally said, "I'll go and then hurry back; 
Gertie, stay here with the frog and with Zack." 

We thought that our mother would have a conniption... But she said "OK"
with just one restriction: "Gertie, take care of my son and my 
daughter; Please keep them safe and away from the water." 

So Gertie picked up the frog and we set off at a run; I think this
adventure is going to be fun! In no time at all we spotted that pad... 
I've never seen anyone so happy and glad. 

He took one giant leap and wished us good-bye; Then flicked out his
tongue and grabbed a big fly. I'll bet in the future he'll stay close 
to home; It'll be quite a long time before he wants to roam. 

Gertie said, "Look, there's a tiny wee mouse; It's carrying grass; it
must be building a house." We watched that mouse scurry and hurry 

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