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Us and them (standard:other, 3327 words)
Author: Lev821Added: Oct 09 2012Views/Reads: 2008/1578Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Can a north-south divide stop temptation?

He couldn't see the top of the wall through the dense cloud, but he knew
it was three miles high and one mile thick, constructed purely from 
concrete, stretching the width of middle England from Skegness to 
Barmouth. It was, quite literally, a north-south divide. 

The greed of the upper classes knew no bounds and to the detriment of
others a civil war had broken out. Rich versus poor, upper class versus 

The police and army were sent out to deal with the uprising, but then
some began to not understand who they were fighting, and why, and chaos 
ruled for three years, until a spokesman, or leader of the new 
underclass declared they could do without the government's help. They 
could survive without money. 

Before money was invented people survived quite easily and this
reckoning gathered momentum. People unified. It was the rich, versus 
the peasants, the hippies, the harvesters, and it was a lifestyle they 
chose, so a ceasefire slowly emerged, with both sides agreeing to a 
huge wall dividing them. On the south side, money, wealth, and the 
accumulation of riches would continue, whilst on the north, currency 
would cease to be used. People would live off the land, would volunteer 
their services, and generally help out in any way they could. Favour 
for favour. Two apples for six eggs. Five chickens for one goat. Mend 
my bike and I will cook you a meal. 

For two years everybody had accepted it as the case and were happy,
until somebody, who had fought in the riots, saw people talking and 
getting along with what was basically still the enemy. The wall had 
sentry posts at regular intervals, with armed guards ready to fire on 
those who tried to get through, although it had happened rarely. 

There was a large area of grassland spanning the length of the wall on
the north side, bordered by a low, wooden fence, and the rich would 
often venture out as far as it to basically see how the other half was 
coping. Some of them were very friendly, and on some occasions, a few 
from the north had been allowed into the south to sample the pleasures 
of what money could buy. Those people were allowed to stay there if 
they chose, and they did. 

Orca, a name he'd given himself was not happy at all at that. He saw it
as a slow erosion of their way of life, albeit, an extremely 
superficial one. Still though, he felt it was his duty to stem the 
spread, to not embrace their way of life, not to accept the self 
lifestyle where indulgence was encouraged. 

He was tall at 6feet 3inches, was almost ‘gangly', wore a bandana, and
believed in reincarnation and ancient astronauts. 

He had gathered together a kind of protest group, or party with the same
frame of mind as him, wanting to halt the slow creeping influence of 
the south. They were camped 80metres from the fence, and had been there 
for a week. A few southerners had come out to speak to Orca, to 
understand what the protest was about, and went away saying they would 
put it to people in higher authority, but he doubted that at all. 

Sometimes, in their big shining reinforced Jaguars and Rolls-Royces,
they would drive out from the wall and venture sometimes five miles 
out, but the locals didn't care. There was no hostility. The cars were 
mostly ignored. 

Orca had a complexion against the rich though, paranoid that perhaps
they were watching them with their satellites. Listening in. Heads of 
state he knew must always be looking over their shoulder, because no 
matter how good a leader they were in whichever country, someone 
somewhere hated them with a passion, so much so they would not hesitate 
to assassinate given the opportunity, but he didn't hate anyone enough 
for that, no government could be perfect. Not to him, and now that he 
had got a small group of protestors together, he guessed their paranoia 
would intensify. 

He turned away from the fence, and out of the crosshair of a sniper

Further along the wall, at approximately 50 metres up, a balcony had

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