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Massala Dosa, Rajneesh and Charminar Cigaretts (standard:non fiction, 973 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 04 2012Views/Reads: 1163/741Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Three Mainlanders that settled on the Big Island, Hawaii have one thing in common; they all lived briefly in India and came out with different propectives.

Massala Dosa, Rajneesh and Charminar Cigarettes 

Subba Rao 

I love Massala Dosa; the flavor of Massala Dosa still lingers 

in my mouth.  every time I went out to eat, I ordered Massala Dosa; the 

crisp golden brown paper thin buttery taste pan-cake like out layer 

wrapped around spicy potato curry with coconut chutney on the side, it 

was so mouth-watering and delicious, sometimes I ate two in one sitting 

and that's a complete meal with cup of sweet milky south Indian strong 

coffee,” the old man was licking his lips while describing his passion 

for Massala Dosa when he worked in Bangalore, India three decades ago. 

Now retired and working as a part-time realtor on the Big Island. 

“How about idly and Sambar?” asked Juggernaut not to distract 

the old man from the subject away from the South Indian dishes. 

“I didn't care for Idly, it was bland but I love Sambar, the 

spicy split pea stew; a side dish that comes with Idly.  I practically 

drank the Sambar with bits of okra, white radish and drum sticks from 

the serving cup,” the old man's eyes popped up just talking about spicy 

South Indian dishes. “After living in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, I 

couldn't return to Michigan so I came straight to the Big Island” the 

realtor was more than happy to share his experiences living in 

India. “My wife learned some Indian cooking while in India and now she 

cooks curry here once in a while. I am sorry I could not be helpful in 

finding a place to rent but certainly we had a nice chat on South 

Indian dishes,” the realtor was happy to share his experiences living 

in South India. 

“That's OK, it is good to know that we both share the taste for 

South Indian quintessential dishes Massala Dosa and Sambar,” Juggernaut 

was happy to meet the old man Wallace, the realtor with passion for 

Dosa and sambar. 

Some of the mainlanders settled on the Big Island travelled 

extensively throughout the world particularly tropics before they found 

Hawaii as a final destination to live. 

“I stayed three years at Rajneesh ashram in late 80's in India, 

you know,” the woman was in late sixties had difficulty walking, she 

considers sitting in hot pond on occasions as therapeutic for her bad 


“So you met Rajneesh.” 

“No, very few met Rajneesh at the ashram, he kept to himself, 

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