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Meeting of Some Sort (standard:Fan Fiction, 1792 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 06 2012Views/Reads: 1299/933Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
People who can't afford lodging can stay free on an organic farm working few hours a day and contributing towards compost making. The lone donkey on the farm 'Roy' though contributes a lot more towards making compost was ignored at the farm meeting until

A Meeting of Some Sort 

Subba Rao 

“Well, I returned from the mainland last night after spending 

some time with my family in California,” Eddy rubbed his bare chest 

with one hand and trying to  make coffee with the other. “Please 

introduce yourself, I see some new faces and some old members were 

missing.  Let's start with you.” 

“I am James, for the last several years I lived in homeless 

shelters across California, now I fully extended my stay in the 

shelters, they send me away and I have no place to live and have very 

little income to support myself, I called my son living on the Big 

Island for help, he brought me here, I will do anything on the farm and 

I am no trouble to nobody,” said an old man. James looked healthy, for 

all his past living in the shelters, he looked clean and well kept. 

“Well, for those who weren't into organic farming, let me tell 

you that your pee is not a waste, it is fertilizer very useful here, 

and each one of us produce it and so store your pee in milk jugs. You 

notice that it smells like ammonia because pee or urine is rich in 

ammonia, a major plant nutrient as Juggernaut, a trained soil scientist 

in this field can attest, he lives close-by and visits us often,” Eddy 

looked at Juggernaut standing several feet apart behind a wooden dish 

rack ready to respond but the group ignored him to his disappointment. 

Perhaps the group thought that throwing animal dung, compost and pee 

around the plants is all it takes in organic farming and needs no help 

from a specialist. 

Meanwhile, a short plump woman wearing a knee-high flimsy frock 

continued to dance slowly moving her heavy hips and waving her hands 

without any coordination as if she was out of control and was trying to 

interrupt Eddy with silly questions and raising her hand begging Eddy 

for a high-five. Eddy ignored her for the most part and turned her away 

when she wants to hug him repeatedly. “Well, we all know Catherine from 

Kansas, she is living on the farm from last 6 months or so,” Eddy at 

last acknowledged her presence. “No, I have been living here only for 3 

months,” Catherine corrected him and again tried to hug him. 

“Here on the farm you work 3 to 4 hours a day doing chores 

assigned to you; weeding, harvesting, planting or collecting plant 

materials and animal dung to make compost.  In return, you get to live 

free on the farm.  Look around, this is paradise, sure it rains a lot 

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