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Island Life (standard:non fiction, 646 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 12 2012Views/Reads: 1242/824Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A conversation with a Samoan woman in distress.

Island Life 

Subba Rao 

It became a routine for Juggernaut to swim at the county 

swimming pool every other day.  The pool is well maintained with on- 

site pool guards and excellent changing rooms. The water is cooler in 

the county pool than in the hot pond near the ocean where the 

underground active volcanic activity feeds the pond with warm water. 

During high-tide, the sea water enters the pond bringing fresh water 

into the pond increasing the depth of water. Many locals and tourists 

visit hot pond to experience the volcanic phenomena and some believe 

that a dip in hot water pond is therapeutic. 

At the county swimming pool, Juggernaut met a Samoan woman in 

late 40's.  “So how life different in Hawaii from Samoa,” asked 


“Samoa is very expensive, a dollar in Samoa would buy half it 

could buy here you know.” 

“Well if you want to know a dollar on the mainland can buy 

twice than what it can buy here in Hawaii,” said Juggernaut moving his 

hands apart as if he was stretching the value of dollar. 

“Really, I did know that, I came to the Big Island from Samoa 

over thirteen years ago with family, four years ago my husband died in 

car crash leaving me with two sons and daughter. You see that boy there 

with the girl and small child, he was my elder son, a real rascal, 

dropped from school, got married a local girl and had a baby already,” 

the woman pointed to his son splashing water in a playful manner on his 

wife and child.  His body was covered neck down with tattoos, for 21 

years old he looked like a big man with baby face. 

“You see that is my other boy, now he is following his brother 

to become a rowdy. I am planning to send him to Alaska to join my 


“You have a daughter in Alaska?” 

“Yeah, my daughter got a job with the government in Alaska and 

she is a bright spot in my life.  I want to send my second boy to her 

soon so he can go to school here.  Here on the Big Island, the kids 

were not learning anything in school, they hang out and waste time,” 

the Samoan woman was really sounded upset. 

“May be you should have stayed in Samoa,” Juggernaut looked at 

her with a kind look. 

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