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'OM' (standard:Fan Fiction, 1855 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 18 2012Views/Reads: 1614/1090Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
On a fictional talk show 'OM' the talk show host SIR interviews Chinnammma a devotional singer.


Subba Rao 

OM is a very popular TV weekly talk show on which the host 

Subhash Indrajit Roy goes by his initials 全IR' interviews the 

celebrities. Everybody calls him Sir. He makes his celebrity guests 

very comfortable to draw them out slowly to open their minds thus the 

name of the show 前M' for 前pen Mind.  The sound OM is very sacred to 

Hindus and celebrities were afraid to lie on a show named after 

sacred 前M.' fearing if they lie on the show it may come back haunting 

to ruin their reputation and career. And, the TV host Sir knows it and 

named the program cleverly 前M.' 

On one of the shows Sir invited a very popular Keertana or 

devotional singer; a very attractive married woman in her 

thirties.  展elcome to our show OM, Sir was polite and smiling. 

典hank you for having me on your show, to tell the truth I love 

your show and always want to be invited and here I am, said the woman 

wearing a crimson sari, she wore no makeup and yet her skin looked 

radiant and her accent was impeccable. 

添our name Chinnamma sounds more like a nick name, I am sure it 

is not your real name? Sir pressed his mustache with a finger to make 

sure it was in the right place. 

溺y given name was Rekha but once I started singing keertans, 

the public started addressing me as 舛hinnamma' and now I go by that 


典ell me about your life before you became Chinnamma? 

展ell, I born into an agricultural family, my father was a 

tobacco farmer and later invested in movie industry and became a 

producer of movies, and then he started a chain of high-tech private 

hospitals across the state serving millions of people. I have two 

brothers both helping my dad in running the business. I am only girl in 

the family and I always want to go to America to study, so they send me 

to study at a university in Tennessee. After two years in college, one 

night I had a vision. 

展hat, you had a vision? Sir clasped his hands as if he was 

going to hear something spectacular, he wants his viewers fully engaged 

in the conversation. 

添es, in my vision I saw Annamayya. 

添ou mean Saint Annamayya of 15th century. 

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