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Small People (standard:non fiction, 462 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Dec 09 2012Views/Reads: 1182/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
According to Vincent, his tribe, the forgotten tribe was the original inhabitants on the Big Island, Hawaii. The forgotten tribe, small in stature were living on the Big Island before people from Polynesian island came to the Big Island. Now, vincent wa

Small People 

Subba Rao 

“We are small people, look at me, I am five foot four inches, 

we are the original inhabitants on the Big Island, we were here before 

people from other pacific islands came here,” the man was small, brown 

skinned and it is hard make out his ethnic background from his looks. 

“So, you are not a Hawaiian?” asked Juggernaut. 

“No, the word Hawaii came just few decades ago; well before 

that people were living on these islands and I belong to that lost 

tribe and nobody talks about us now.” 

“Well, I can feel your frustration but what you want people to 

do for your lost tribe?” 

“Well, I want all the people to leave our island,” the man was 


“What you mean all the people?” 

“Well, the settlers from the main land, Portuguese, Chinese, 

Japanese, Koreans and even the so called native Polynesians.” 

“That leaves the Island with very few of your lost tribe.” 

“Yes, leave us alone.” 

“So you want the Big Island to be an independent nation.” 

“Yes, I want to start a petition for secession of our island 

from the mainland. The so called native Hawaiian people were not true 

native to the Big Island, we the lost tribe was the true natives.” 

“How you make living now?” Juggernaut was curious as usual. 

“I retired now after working for US Coast Guard for over 35 

years, I was in Vietnam and Kuwait during the wars, now living on 

pension and looking forward for Medicare come October 23rd when I turn 

65,” the man pulled few photo identification cards from his valet to 

showed it to Juggernaut. 

“Well, if you want Big Island an independent nation, who will 

pay your social security and Medicare benefits?” 

“The US government owe us big time for taking over our island 

and the natural resources with it, so they should pay compensation to 

the our tribe, that could be hundreds of millions.” 

“Wait a minute, your name is Vincent? What kind of name is that 

for a true native?” Juggernaut was still looking at a stack of photo ID 


“Well, my parents named me Vincent what can I do about it.” 

Vincent was getting ready to board a bus just stopped on the curb-side. 

“Are you going to some place so early around 6:30 am?” 

Juggernaut was stood on the curb side. 

“Well, it costs only a dollar to go around the island and I 

travel on bus to kill time, what else I can do now I am retired,” 

Vincent jumped onto the bus leaving Juggernaut on the curb-side. 

“Wait a minute, where you can get a dollar a ride to travel 

around the island if you secede?” shouted Juggernaut as the bus left 

with Vincent. 


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