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62 in/50 lbs. (standard:non fiction, 519 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Dec 11 2012Views/Reads: 1188/801Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Juggernaut decided to live out of a suitecase that conforms to the airline checkin requirements of 62 inches for total dimensions and 50 pounds in weight. Checkout his packing list.

62 in/50 lbs. 

Subba Rao 

Home cluttered with furniture and stuff collected over the 

decades, “enough is enough,” thought Juggernaut and decided to live out 

of a suitcase, Hawaii Big Island was the first destination. A checked 

suitcase on an airline shall conform to total dimensions of 62 inches 

considering the length, width and depth and weigh no more than 50 

pounds. Juggernaut decided to pack all his belongings in a suitcase 

that conform to the regulations with respect to dimensions and weight. 

The following list of items that considered necessary was packed in a 

suitcase that conforms to 62 inches/50 pounds and headed for the 


(1)	Prescription medications to cover 3 months. 

(2)	Some over the counter (OTC) medications. 

(3)	Six undershorts and two undershirts. 

(4)	Two cotton running shorts. 

(5)	Two pairs of sleeping shorts and shirts. 

(6)	Two pairs of white socks and one pair of regular socks. 

(7)	Four T shirts, two half-sleeve shirts. 

(8)	Two jeans and one regular trouser. 

(9)	Two bath towels. 

(10)	One Swimming short. 

(11)	One pair of sneakers, one pair of flip-flops and one pair of 

leather shoes. 

(12)	Shaving requirements and a hair clipper. 

(13)	A small pressure cooker* and medium size sauce pan with lid. 

(14)	Two forks, butter knives and one large and two small spoons. 

(15)	A medium size sharp cutting knife, can opener, a peeler and 

cork/bottle opener. 

(16)	A small stove top coffee maker. 

(17)	Two large plastic drinking glasses and medium size coffee mug. 

(18)	A 10” Samsung Tab with built–in internet and a Cell Phone. 

(19)	One SLR digital camera. 

(20)	Blood pressure monitoring device. 

(21)	Exercise stretch bands. 

(22)	One pocket peak flow meter. 

(23)	One breathing spirometer for breathing exercise. 

(24)	One crush hand gripper to exercise fingers. 

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