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Yellow to Red (standard:other, 615 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Dec 16 2012Views/Reads: 1628/1248Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Color change at the traffic lights triggered some thoughts in Juggernaut about making red colored kumkum from yellow turmeric. Read about it.

Yellow to Red 

Subba Rao 

The traffic lights turned red from yellow, Juggernaut applied 

sudden brakes and pulled back his car few yards to make sure the safety 

video cameras records that. The so called safety video cameras 

installed recently at the busy intersections in town were to provide 

safety to the drivers from drivers running through red.  For every red- 

light infraction recorded by the camera, the city sends a notice of 

traffic violation with a hefty fine over one hundred dollars.  Just 

over the last three months after installation of traffic cameras, 

Juggernaut received three letters of violation with a total fine of 

over three hundred dollars for running red light while taking right 


“How safety was compromised on turning right on red if there 

was no upcoming traffic,” thought Juggernaut counting ten loudly while 

stopping at the stop sign before turning right on red.  Even if it were 

safe to take right turn, the drivers have to stop on red for at least 

ten seconds before turning right to avoid receiving a traffic violation 

in mail. People believe that there was more than safety involved in 

installing the traffic cameras; it was all about revenue enhancement. 

Since installing the traffic cameras, the city collected fines over a 

quarter million dollars.  This kind of money, the city could never 

collect from raising taxes since raising taxes of any kind was a taboo 

in politics. 

The driver behind honked to alert Juggernaut to get going since 

the color changed to green while Juggernaut was thinking about the 

cameras.  Video cameras at traffic lights were deemed illegal in many 

communities in the country. The courts found out that no lives were 

saved nor safety was enhanced as result of traffic cameras and it was a 

pure ploy on the part of city officials to collect money, lots of it 

from the citizens through illegal means. “If the safety was not 

compromised by removing cameras in other communities, why the cameras 

are still in operation here,” thought Juggernaut. 

For some reason, colors yellow and red stuck in Juggernaut's 

mind after paying hefty red light violations. Then all of a sudden, his 

thoughts went back to decades ago when his mother made bright red 

Kumkum powder from bright yellow turmeric powder at home. 

Kumkum is bright red powder used in Hindu rituals and also the 

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