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A Day of Solidarity (standard:Fan Fiction, 1048 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Dec 27 2012Views/Reads: 1384/883Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A day on APril 18, a stray monkey wonders into a New England town making APril 18 a memorable day to celebrate Lord Hanuman and Paul Revere. Read the connection.

A Day of Solidarity 

Subba Rao 

One day on April 18, a lone monkey lazily wandered into a town 

center in New England.  In a town where a small fender bender is big 

news; a stray monkey jumping on the City Hall steps was sensational 

news.  The local TV camera crew followed around the monkey to get a 

good footage for the evening news. The city mayor, an Irish American 

and his staff were all got excited in dealing with the monkey 


Sam Ram is a prosperous hotelier and also owns the only two gas 

stations in town. Though he is an Indian American, he was often 

mistaken for African American because of his dark skin and curly hair. 

A spokes person for town's small effluent Indian American community of 

mostly professionals from medical and IT business, Sam Ram is the short 

version of his long name Samudrala Rambhadrudu.  He is known for his 

charity and generous donations for every cause in town. As a person he 

was very likable and easy going. Always wearing a flamboyant l tie 

loosely knot around his neck,  a  heavy set man in mid 60's but looks 

young  with curly grey hair  let loose over his shoulders, Sam could be 

seen every where all the time around the town. “I love your tie Sam,” 

was the common greeting he gets all the time. Though lived in US for 

over 3 decades, he still has a faint Indian accent.  He shakes his head 

sideways like most Indians during a conversation as a sign of agreement 

often confusing people except those know him well.  If there was 

something in Indian mannerism he could not shake off was his sidewise 

head shake and his accent. 

The word got around pretty fast on monkey sightings attracting 

plenty onlookers. On hearing the news on monkey, Sam Ram quickly drove 

to the city center to find a group of people spear headed by the Mayor 

watching the monkey sitting on the top of the City Hall Steps. 

“What we should do Sam Ram?” the mayor patted softly on Sam's 


“Amazing,” said Sam Ram breathing heavy from running towards 

the City Hall steps to join the watching crowd. 

“Call l the animal control to capture the animal,” shouted the 

Mayor to his assistants. 

“No, wait a minute,” shouted back Sam Ram stretching his hands 

as if he was protecting the monkey from a possible harm. 

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