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The Prostitute (standard:horror, 808 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Jan 01 2013Views/Reads: 1504/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Client Horse was in for a big surprise !

It was a frosty Christmas Eve night in the big city. Light snow was
falling silently on the ground, covering everthing with its delicate 
flakes. Sam's Bar on Front street,Toronto, was crowded with revellers 
having a swell time. The place was thick with smoke, a cacophony of 
chat and loud laughter filled the bar. The new prostitute sat sipping a 
drink at the bar in the small smoky joint. She was listening to a tall, 
slim, sax player named Neddy belting out ‘The Christmas Song” on a 
small round dais. 

She was a well built, brown skinned woman, with a powerful figure, her
brown skin, large breasts and broad hips looked beautiful in the 
elegant green dress she wore. It was her first night there, and all of 
the regulars wanted a crack at her. "Are you available?” said a soft 
voice on her right, breaking into her thoughts.  She looked down at a 
short dude, dressed in a white outfit,  with a red handkerchief in a 
breast pocket . He flashed a double row of gold teeth as he smiled. 
“You talkin' to me, honey?” She spoke softly.Something in her  bold 
stare, told him that she was ready for almost anything.  He widened his 
smile, and nodded. ‘I'd like to make an appointment,” he said , “That 
is, if you are available?.” She stared at him, a look of surprise on 
her face,then after scanning him from head to feet, she grinned. ” Why, 
of course, I‘m available, sugar, check out room number 8, and wait for 
me, huh ?” “Sure thing , sweetie. “ the John said,” By the way, they 
call me Big John.” “They call me Brown Sugar,buy me a drink and lets 
discuss it,huh?" "Why,sure,luv."Big John replied"Anything for a lovely 
lady." and they placed their orders. 

Later,in her room, she said with a sly smile ."Let's talk some business
first,honey, you know what I mean?" " Oh yes,the cash huh? " You got it 
baby". Big John took out a piles of bills from his wallet, "How 
much?"He asked. She told him and he paid. "Gimme a minute to freshen up 
and I ‘ll be right there with you.ok, honey?” .. "Sure,sugar,take your 
time,we've got all night." Big John laid naked on a clean ,white sheet 
bed, hands clasped behind his neck, waiting. The place smelled like 
honeysuckle. She returned in  a see through negligee and Horse gasped 
at her figure. She began undressing slowly. ” Before we do it, Hon, I'd 
like to play a little game, ” She said in a syrupy voice,as she slipped 
out of her pink, nylon panties. Hell, he thought, another kinky one, 
and all I want is to shoot my rocks off ! “What kind of game, honey 
pie?” He asked. Shetook out a blue silk cord from her purse.”This!” she 
said with a broad smile. "Shit,a bondage freak,he thought. “How about 
giving me a BJ before we get into it, sweetie?”He suggested. “Sure,why 
not,lover” she said, gripping his bone, tightly. She slipped it into 
her mouth and began licking the rim slowly, expertly. Horse slipped 
into  third heaven “How's it feeling,lover?”She asked.with a sly smile. 
It feels great, sugar, but go easy, huh,. nice and slow ” he said, as 
he felt his manhood growing under her constant licking. “Wow!” she said 
amazed.“You sure got a son of a gun there.” “Yeah, they don't call me 
Big John for nothing.” he bragged proudly. “No kiddin.”She replied 
‘Man, that feels so good,”He moaned. Enraptured, he allowed himself to 
be tied, spread eagled on the bed. He watched her do a slow, 
tantalizing strip, which revealed a well shaped figure with  firm 
jutting breasts. The nipples fully erect. His eyes scanned her figure. 
She then bent over and placed the tip of an erect nipple into his 
mouth.“Suck gently,Tiger” she whispered. She then straddled him and 
slipped his now trobbing manhood deep into her and began riding him 
slowly up and down,in a slow,practiced rythmn. Damn, I don't deserve 
this ! Big John thought happily. “Now, close your eyes for a big 
surprise, lover boy.” She said soothingly. He closed his eyes and 
sighed as the sensations rippled through his body. Suddenly, he felt 
something hard, brushing against his cheek. He opened his eyes , 
gasped.and stared in shocking horror before him. She began changing 
into a huge, hideous Mantis like creature. Her massive, bugged eyed 
head, antennas waving ,darted forward quickly. and began nibbling at 
his head , biting into his neck with her long, sharp pincers, his body 
held securely between her thin, spiny, serrated forelegs. He started 
screaming, kicking wildly, but the bonds only  drew tighter on his 
wrists and ankles ,biting into his flesh. The blaring sounds of “Winter 
Wonderland” coming from downstairs, drowned out his screams as she 
slowly began biting his bloody head off ! 



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