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I Put a Brahmin Curse (standard:non fiction, 1319 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jan 06 2013Views/Reads: 1158/914Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A curse by Brahmin is very potent and follows the recepients until it strikes.

I Put a Brahmin Curse 

Subba Rao 

“What do you mean you will put a curse on any person that 

either directly or indirectly impacted your life negatively?” Dan has a 

look of question mark on his face. 

“Some of the People crisscrossed my life inflected pain and 

suffering on me. These people to save their incompetence and fear of me 

getting ahead of them, robbed me of opportunities to show my 

abilities.  In most situations I was defenseless to retaliate and they 

got away with it. Some of them were my classmates, few were my 

professors, and others were fellow workers and supervisors at work 

places. I used a passive ancient art of putting a Brahmin curse on them 

as retaliation,” Juggernaut stretched his hands with palms drooping to 

give an impression of a defenseless person. 

“What is a Brahmin curse?” 

“Well, I born into a Brahmin family and the curse I place 

becomes automatically a Brahmin curse.” 

“Do you have to conform to certain requirements such as 

vegetarianism and performing daily rituals to maintain Brahmanism?” 

“Caste is not a cult. People born into a specific cast and thus 

acquire the caste. Conformity to specific rules was not necessary as in 

a cult to maintain the caste identity.  A person born into a specific 

caste lives and dies within the specific caste and that's that. I was 

born into a Brahmin family and I will die as a Brahmin irrespective of 

my lifestyle. People born into other castes don't conform to any rigid 

rules to maintain their caste identity so as Brahmins.” 

“Is Brahmin curse is more potent than curse placed by a person 

other than a Brahmin?” 

“Since I am a Brahmin my curse becomes a Brahmin curse. I am 

not sure whether it is more effective than a curse placed by people of 

other castes.” 

“Tell me thus far on whom you placed a Brahmin curse and how it 

resulted,” Dan stretched his legs on the desk to hear the story. 

“Between 1969 and 71, while I was a graduate student in Orissa, 

India, two of my classmates put me through grief for no reason except I 

was getting straight As. I could not take their insults any more so I 

put a Brahmin curse on them.” 

“What happened to them?” 

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