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Stone Walling and Silent Yoga (standard:Fan Fiction, 2363 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jan 22 2013Views/Reads: 1464/1335Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A fictional court proceedings based on a bad experience with a unfair landlord.

Stone Walling and Silent Yoga 

Subba Rao 

“Order, all rise, case number 141; Juggernaut verses Walling 

and Stiph. Judge, all the parties sworn in; folks please be seated and 

maintain silence during the proceedings,” said the bailiff handing over 

the docket to the Judge Takahashi. 

Judge Takahashi was in late 60,s, a diminutive woman with dark 

rimmed glasses, an American of oriental origin, come across as no- 

nonsense judge gets easily irritated if she gets a run around for her 


“MR. Juggernaut I read your submission carefully.  You are 

suing the defendants Mr. Walling and Ms. Stiph for the return of your 

deposit of $1000 on 1BR cottage you rented from the defendants, please 

present your case,” Judge Takahashi looked at Mr. Juggernaut. 

“Your honor, sometime in April of 2012, I came across an 

advertisement on Craig's list for rent a 1BR cottage in the Puna 

district on the Big Island, Hawaii. Since I was looking to rent a place 

on southeast side of the Big Island, I responded to the advertisement,” 

Mr. Juggernaut spoke in soft voice and looked nervous. 

“I am curious Why on the southeast side of the Big Island?” 

Judge Takahashi looked at Mr. Juggernaut. 

“Well, with my wife and daughter, we visited the Big Island on 

vacation two years ago and stayed at in Hilo, the largest town on the 

Big Island on east side.  We loved the lush green rainforest on 

southeast side of the island and I decided to come back to live around 

six months to enjoy quiet rainforest environment. The location of the 

cottage was in the middle of the rainforest and close to the ocean, it 

was the ideal place for me to rent.” 

“After exchanging few emails and submitting references, I had a 

video conference with Mr. Walling and Ms. Stiph on Skype.  The 

conference ended with both parties satisfied.  Ms. Stiph asked me to 

mail a check in order of Mr. Walling since he owns the property.  The 

check was for $2,150.00, $1000 dollars for the first month rent, $1000 

towards the deposit money and $150 cleaning expenses if the cottage 

after the lease was left in a condition that requires cleanup to the 

extent it cost $150.  My references tell me that Ms. Stiph was very 

thorough in her questioning on my character and background, the vetting 

process was scrupulous as if she was employing me for a high level 

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