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You can always depend on a homely girl to get the job done! (standard:humor, 316 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Feb 17 2013Views/Reads: 1261/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
U is for useful not Ugly! Hire a homely girl today!

If you live under a rock you may not have noticed the world is very
visual. You have to look good to be good or bad or sexy. But mostly 
young and pretty. If you work with these "blondes" that spend half 
their time at the water cooler giggling and talking and not getting any 
work done, you know what I am talking about. 

If you have any sort of deadline at work, don't give it to a pretty
girl. Give it to the ugly homely sad sack that has no life. That's the 
idea. She will get the job done lickety split and the pretty girls will 
be out to lunch both in their brains and by the time clock. 

Ask a blonde a question and yes, you will get a blonde answer. The world
likes blondes and when you look good you can be dumb as a stump and its 
cool. Because you are blonde and beautiful and if anyone says anything 
bad about you, they are all jealous. 

Maybe but if you ask a homely girl what is important and she says, get
rid of the blonde because she is dead weight at the office and maybe if 
she was kicked to the curb, the men would notice her instead. Is this a 
pipe dream. Certainly. But every homely girl dreams. But the difference 
is she has the spunk to do something positive about it, instead of 
spending time feeling sorry for herself and comparing herself to the 
dumb blonde. 

Yes blondes are dumb. You may say different but just ask the homely girl
who has to deal with blondes at the office. Dead weight. Blonde brains. 

Its fun to be pretty but its pretty fun to get the job done fast and
easy with a homely girl. 

Put the U in Useful Instead of U for Ugly 

Hire a homely girl today!!! 


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