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Could we have done it. (standard:other, 309 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Feb 17 2013Views/Reads: 1669/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about the way some grown children treat their parents and it tells of the hardships the parents went through while raising them.


Word count 309 A lot of people are so angry and depressed about the bad
way they say they were raised. Some of their reasons were, they didn't 
get enough attention, toys, or new clothes. They remember all the not 
so nice things said to them, but never remember the nice things that 
were said.  Also the sibling rivalry that can go on for years. 

This may cause these grown children not visit their parents, or pick up
the phone and say hi mom or hi dad how are you doing? Do you need 
anything? If all these children would try to take themselves back in 
time to what it must have been like for mom and dad while raising them. 
Back when children could number as high as eight or ten. Think of all 
the meals that had to be cooked all the dishes that had to be washed. 

There were no automatic machines to help do the chores. All they had
were washboards tubs. And clotheslines. Moms would stand all day at a 
hot ironing board to make sure everything was pressed. Dads would work 
in the fields from dawn to dusk until the crops were finished and ready 
for harvest. 

Mothers endured so much pain while having their babies they had no one
to coach them on. They didn't have baby books or movies to tell them 
how to raise their babies. There were just handed their tiny bundles to 
take care of the way they had been taught by their mothers. 

It was a man's world back then, men went their own way while women sat
at home dying of loneness, so the next time we want to put mom or dad 
down, think of everything they went through while raising you, and ask 
yourself could we have done it? 


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