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Bye Bye Birdies (standard:travel stories, 661 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Feb 25 2013Views/Reads: 1290/924Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Juggernaut learned first hand that feeding wild birds could be trouble some if not hazardous.

Bye Bye Birdies 

Subba Rao 

“I am Stanley, building superintendent; are you an East 

Indian?” a man in sleeveless undershirt introduced himself.“ 

“Nobody called me an East Indian after I left Trinidad in 1978, 

not many people on the mainland US can distinguish the Caribbean 

Indians from Indians from India,” replied Juggernaut. 

“So you are an East Indian from the Caribbean?” 

“I am an Indian alright from India but not from the Caribbean,” 

replied Juggernaut with a big laugh. 

“There are few East Indians from the Caribbean live on the Big 

Island and you look more like an East Indian,” Stanley looked surprised.

“Perhaps my 12 year living in the Caribbean turned me into an 

East Indian look.” Juggernaut rubbed his facial hair. 

“I understand from your neighbor that you have been feeding 

wild birds on your porch and as per our building by-laws, feeding wild 

animals on the premises is prohibited,” Stanley was friendly but firm. 

“You know birds are not wild animals,” replied Juggernaut 


“Well, when we say wild animals we mean anything wild, cats to 

reptiles to birds.” 

“OK, can I place bird feed outside the premises?” 

“You can place bird feed wherever you want but not on the 

premises, we just don't want the residents to encourage stray animals 

to prowl on the property,” Stanley started rubbing his over tanned 

chest with his palm. 

“Well, I feed birds twice a day when birds would fly in and out 

within 5 minutes after feeding. How I am encouraging wild animals to 

prowl on the property?” Juggernaut tried to explain. 

“I know birds are not wild animals but once birds were used to 

get fed on a daily basis, they quickly become boisterous pets and turn 

into a nuisance pooping all over the porch.  I am not sure whether you 

watched Alfred Hitchcock's horror movie ‘The Birds,' from early 60's, 

that scenario could happen here to you once you stop feeding them  and 

we don't want that happen to our residents,” Stanley gave a strange 

look rolling his narrow eyes when he brought up the subject of 

Hitchcock's  horror movie. 

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