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Pascal Bridgemohan (standard:travel stories, 608 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Mar 03 2013Views/Reads: 1313/852Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Pascal is an unusaul name for Trinidad Indian and Bridgemohan is an unusaul spelling for Brijmohan. Juggernaut always facinated with this kind of details.

Pascal Bridgemohan 

Subba Rao 

A visit to farmers market on the corner of Alii and Hualalai 

Roads in Kona on the Big Island was always a great experience to see 

fresh produce and hear all kind of accents from the vendors and 


“How much for egg plants?” asked Juggernaut. 

“Two dollar a bundle,” replied the Philippino woman with strong 

accent without making any eye contact. 

“How much for long beans?” 

“Two dollar.” 

“How much for the spinach bundle?” 

“Two dollar, two dollar, all the vegetables two dollar,” the 

vendor walked away from Juggernaut leaving him to decide. 

At the vegetable stalls, the vendors put out bundles of 

vegetables each two dollars no matter if is spinach, egg plants or 

green beans or whatever. The two dollar transaction without haggling 

was a good business plan Juggernaut never experienced before at any 

vegetable market. 

While Juggernaut was making purchases, he heard somebody 

ask “How much for that avocado?”  On hearing the accent, Juggernaut 

turned to see a dark skin man with facial hair making the inquiry. His 

looks and accent tells he is Indian from the Caribbean region, perhaps 

from Trinidad, Guyana or Surinam. 

“Don't you call it Jabuka back home?” asked Juggernaut taking a 

bold initiative to make a conversation with the man with the accent. 

The man surprised at Juggernaut and asked “are you from Trinidad?” 

“Well, I lived in Trinidad and on Sundays I use to visit 

Tunapuna market to buy Jabuka and other fruits and vegetables,” replied 

Juggernaut introducing himself. 

“I am Pascal Bridgemohan from Trinidad,” 

“You know I never came across a Trinidad Indian name Pascal,” 

smiled Juggernaut looking at the tall lanky Indian. 

“True, true,” replied the man in pure Trinidad accent. 

“Your name Pascal reminds me of a computer program Pascal came 

into prominence in early 70's with other programs like Fortran and 

Cobol, I am wondering if there was any connection between the Pascal 

the computer program and your name?” 

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