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Return with Vengeance (standard:Fan Fiction, 2366 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Mar 12 2013Views/Reads: 1794/1070Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hindus believe in reincarnation and karma. VW Beatle came back as Jetta in reincarnation to Juggarnaut for payback for his past bad karma.

Return with Vengeance 

Subba Rao 

The old Dodge van was cumbersome and guzzling gas like 

crazy, at $4.45 per gallon on the Big Island, it was not a good idea to 

lease the van from the landlady who was very picky and demanding on use 

of her old van, so Juggernaut decided to buy an used vehicle to use for 

the remaining stay on the island.  On Craig's list he came across an 

advertisement for 2000 Volkswagen Jetta for $2,800 with 112,000 miles. 

Juggernaut made an appointment to meet the seller at a strip mall in 

Pahoa to see the car.  The seller was a young man, half Chinese and 

half white in early twenties, he said he wants to sell the car to get 

money to go to California to join her sister working as a nurse since 

he was not doing anything productive here on the island; his mother a 

Chinese American works as a special education teacher at local school. 

The seller came across as a decent person telling they were originally 

from Turlock, a small town outside Modesto in California.  While 

working for a company, Juggernaut visited Turlock several times. The 

seller said he was born in Turlock and came to Big Island when the 

family decided to move to Hawaii.  Juggernaut as usual caught up with 

the so called ‘ole talk' with the seller and developed positive opinion 

on the seller. 

The Jetta appeared great with shining black color as if 

repainted, the engine was clean and the drive was not bad though 

Juggernaut struggled to drive the stick shift since the last time he 

drove the stick shift was almost 30 years ago in Jamaica. While taking 

the test drive, the car stalled several times for not changing the gear 

in time. Juggernaut forgot how to coordinate the clutch and change gear 

with stick shift.  He got the hang of it driving stick shift in no 

time. Juggernaut took the VW Jetta to a local mechanic for inspection, 

but the mechanic was not familiar with Volkswagen nevertheless checked 

it superficially to declare as a good buy for the price. 

Juggernaut paid the seller in cash and in Hawaii the title 

registration costs only $5.  Juggernaut drove to the car to his cottage 

only to find the driver side door cannot be locked with the electronic 

keyless entry device. Replacing with new batteries didn't make any 

difference and a new key to program would cost around $450 at the VW 

dealership in town. The keyless electronic device opens the trunk, the 

gas tank lid and all the doors except the driver side. 

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