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Ripper ! (standard:horror, 2039 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Mar 17 2013Views/Reads: 1364/1040Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The infamous "jack the Ripper" is back even more vicious than ever.

Ripper ! By Michael L Kersting 

Jack the Ripper is back, only more vicious than before! 

Whitechapel, London,1888 Morning The Ripper read about the murder in the
morning papers. 

" London, Nov. 9.- The city is again stirred to its very center, and
again mysterious murder is the cause. The cause, this time, is 
evidently another in the dread Whitechapel series, though it differs 
from the others in some particulars. In the first place, this latest 
addition to the list of horrors was made indoors. A house in Dorset 
street, near Hamburg street, was the scene of the murder. A woman was 
the victim, as in the other cases, and her body was shockingly 
mutilated. It was found not many hours after the violence had been 
done. The murder had been committed in the woman's own room. News of 
the discovery spread rapidly after it was once given out, and in a 
short time the vicinity was thronged with excited and morbidly curious 
people. The police authorities took charge of the body and the house at 
once after the fact of the murder became known to them. They brought 
into use bloodhounds, which were lately tested for the purpose of 
hunting own the Whitechapel murderer in hope that the brutes could 
catch the scent and follow up the trail of the assassin. The Lord 
Mayor's parade made an emergency which called a great portion of the 
police force to special duty in controlling the crowds in the streets. 
Hence the rigid patrol which has been kept up in the Whitechapel 
district was somewhat relaxed. This gave the murderer his opportunity, 
which he was not slow to seize. He is evidently more vigilant than the 
police, and has the advantage that he can study their movements without 
being himself subject to espionage. The present victim is the eighth 
who has fallen before the Whitechapel fiend. The fourth one was found 
in Hamburg street, not far from the location of this one, and at the 
time she was discovered there was written on the wall near the body the 
legend: "Fifteen before I surrender." According to this, seven more 
lives are yet to be taken, and from the success which has thus far 
attended the murderer's operations, it seems entirely possible, perhaps 
probably, that he will be able to fulfil his horrible intentions. The 
appearance of the remains found last night was frightful, and the 
mutilation was even greater than in the previous cases. The head had 
been severed and placed beneath one of the arms. The ears and nose had 
been cut off. The body had been disemboweled and the flesh was torn 
from the thighs. The womb and other organs were missing. The skin had 
been torn off the forehead and cheeks. One hand had been pushed into 
the stomach. The victim, like all the others, was a lewd woman. She was 
married, and her husband was a porter. They had lived together at 
spasmodic intervals. Her name is believed to have been Lizzie Fisher, 
but to most of the habitués of the haunts she visited she was known as 
Mary Jane. She had a room in the house where she was murdered. She 
carried a latch key, and no one knows at what hour she entered the 
house last night, and probably no one saw the man who accompanied her. 
Therefore it is hardly likely that he will ever be identified. He might 
easily have left the house at any time between 1 and 6 o'clock this 
morning without attracting attention. The doctors who have examined the 
remains refuse to make any statement until the inquest is held. Three 
bloodhounds belonging to private citizens were taken to the place where 
the body lies and placed on the scent of the murderer, but they were 
unable to keep it for any great distance, and all hope to running the 
assassin down with their assistance will have to be abandoned." 

Closing the papers, the Ripper sigh and thought that he must stop his
atrocities ,he was tired and the stress of being caught were wearing 
him down and is affecting his medical practice..His colleagues were 
acting chilly towards him he noticed or was it his imagination ? 

"Damn !, " cried Chief Inspector Petrie of Scotland Yard, as he finished
reading the letter addressed to him. His assistant Pims, sitting at his 
desk across from him looked up and said "What is it, Peter,?" "Here, 
"He said, handing over the letter," read this for yourself, another 
letter from the Ripper". Pims took it and read : Dear Inspector, four 
down, many more to go before I find the one I am looking for. Your Dear 
Friend Jack the Ripper 

Pims put down the letter, looked at his superior, and said, "This could
well be a ploy to put you off the scent, he's clever chap, you know,." 
"No, Pims, I have a gut feeling he means it.' He replied, " Now ,damn, 

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