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A View from my Window (standard:poetry, 151 words)
Author: Aslam MalikAdded: Mar 26 2013Views/Reads: 1556/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Writen in Oman in 2012 while sitting in office facing to the desert. It was a fascinating scene, the cloudy weather made it breath taking.


(This picture shows the view from my office's window) (By Muhammad Aslam
ELC- 2012, Ibri, Oman) 

A fascinating view from my window, 

Enthralls me every morning. 

When I look outside, the scene's charming, 

A vast panorama stretched beyond I know. 

A desert terrain with sprinkled bush patches, 

Attracts my sight, as to the horizon I follow, 

And feelings of joy and ecstasy overflow. 

I feel sorry for my body, with vision it never matches. 

When the clouds come, the heath turns in to a delightful region. 

Sometimes I look up to the heaven, and sometimes to the ground. 

My heart feels calm within and peace all around. 

What a strange mystery's in Nature hidden! 

Beauty is what attracts us in all its forms. 

Heaven or the earth, land or the ocean, 

Desert's dusty face or seas in commotion, 

Objects of nature have got many charms. 



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