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Holy Alliance (standard:non fiction, 559 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Apr 07 2013Views/Reads: 1492/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Some events from holy scriptures suggest an Holy alliance between Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Jewish religions.

Holy Alliance 

Subba Rao 

Mythology from Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith is 

always colorful with some events appears to be coincidence across these 

religions. The events at birth of Krishna, a reincarnation of God 

Vishnu have similarities with birth events of Jesus Christ also 

considered by many as reincarnation of Adam the first man. King Kamsa 

imprisons the parents of Krishna to massacre all their male new born 

from fear of his impending death in the hands of Krishna if he were to 

born to live but God intervenes to save infant Krishna from hands King 

Kamsa by opening the prison gates to Krishna's father to carry his new 

born Krishna to the safe keeping at his friend's home. Similarly, King 

Herod massacres all the toddler boys in Bethlehem to kill Jesus as a 

preemptive measure to save himself. But Jesus parents fled to Egypt to 

prevent Kind Herod from killing their new born.  Both Krishna and Jesus 

were born in unlikely places; Krishna born on a prison bed and Jesus 

born on a manger bed in a remote Sheppard village.  Angels foretell the 

impending birth of both Krishna and Jesus so as to protect them from 

evil hands to make sure the survival of Krishna and Jesus for the good 

of the world. If one looks at these events in a broader context there 

were similarities; the scriptures that depict the location and details 

of the reincarnation of God either as Krishna or Jesus were took place 

in different parts of the word and yet have similarities, a holy 

coincidence perhaps but certainly food for thought. 

In Hindu mythology Baby Krishna lifts a huge Govardhan 

mountain with his pinky to give shelter to his beloved cows and his 

villagers from a catastrophic storm event brought on by evil designs of 

a disgruntled angel from the heaven. The God tells the angel to back 

off since baby Krishna was in fact reincarnation of God Vishnu born as 

Krishna to save the world from evil doers. Lifting a mountain to 

shelter the animals and humans was a godly act. This resembles an event 

mentioned in the book of Genesis in construction of an ark by Noah to 

save animals and humans from evil intentions. The existence of Noah' 

ark was mentioned in the mythologies of Christian, Jewish and Muslim. 

While the shape and materials went into the building of the ark was in 

dispute among the mythologies, they all agree that an attempt was made 

to protect the animals and humans from evil. Baby Krishna chose to lift 

a mountain instead of building a structure like an ark to provide 

shelter as the catastrophic storm occurred without prior notice whereas 

Noah had prior notice from God of impending catastrophe to have time to 

design and built an ark with a deck each for animals, birds and humans 

for shelter. If one looks carefully at this event depicted in mythology 

of various religions, one can see a common thread that is providing 

shelter to the plant and animal kingdom from the evil. While Christian, 

Islam and Judaism were evolved at the same geographical location on the 

earth far removed from India, the place of birth of Hinduism and yet 

some events described in these mythologies appears to be related as if 

there was a holy alliance between all these religions. 


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