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Slander in the Family (standard:Fan Fiction, 307 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Apr 21 2013Views/Reads: 1494/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
While the internal organis get respect and recognition for their vital function to keep human body alive, the outer body parts when oddly shaped get the worst wrap. Why?

Slander in the Family 

Subba Rao 

Human internal organs and external body parts met at a medical 

conference to sort out issues relate to public perception of their 

members. Functional organs fit for harvest and later transplant save 

millions of lives. Words like organ donation, harvest and transplant 

gets attention and respect. In contrast, the public are quick to 

slander the outer body parts for their oddity. 

“Why we can't be judged like internal organs? Why our looks are 

so important?” “Why we have to hide our oddities? Whether it is flat 

foot or a foot with high arch, people can't walk without us, yet some 

of us were insulted as flat foot?”?” Asked the flat foot in full boots. 

“A woman like Jennifer Aniston is admired for her long sexy 

legs; a person with bow legs can't even wear shorts,” a bow leg in full-

pants expressed grief. 

“People show off their six pack abs at every opportunity while 

pot bellies were embarrassed to walk without shirt,” said a Pot Belly 

in an over-sized shirt. 

The other members of the Body Parts Association such as Bald 

Head, Crooked Teeth, Snake eyes, Droopy Ears, Goose Neck, Flat Chest, 

Sagging Shoulders and Flat Bottom expressed their despair and 

disappointment with publics' perception and treatment of their 

membership despite their lifelong usefulness as utility limbs. 

The internal organs and outer body parts as one family came to 

consensus to remove slander by poking fun at oddity to desensitize the 

public and accept outer parts for their utility.  The members came out 

with clever lines like: 

Bald head saves over $500 on haircuts and shampoos 

Flat foot is firm on a slippery slope 

Droopy ears are better as ear phones 

A blow leg is better than no leg at all 

In an emergency use your pot belly as floating device 


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