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Sweet Lord (standard:travel stories, 780 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: May 05 2013Views/Reads: 1331/917Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sweet Lord appears mysteriously to his devotees.

Sweet Lord 

Subba Rao 

A dip in hot pond near Pahoa is the most relaxing experience on 

east side of the Big Island. The geothermal heat warms the water that 

slowly flows through a pond built adjacent to the ocean. During high 

tide, seawater flows into the hot pond keeping it fresh. Lava rock on 

the floor of the pond could hurt the feet if not watched carefully. 

Some boisterous fish can also bite the feet. Sitting on concrete slab 

built along the pond interior wall is therapeutic. 

Living few miles from the pond, it became a routine for 

Juggernaut to spend time at the pond on a regular basis. At the pond, 

Juggernaut met quite a few interesting characters; ‘Mango Man' an 80 

years old artist was one of them, over the last several decades his 

paintings in hundreds were sold on greeting cards worldwide. A man from 

Long Island, New York; came to Pahoa on a short vacation 15 years ago 

and never went back. He said he lost contact with his wife and never 

saw her again. He was at the pond every day, seven days a week bottom 

fishing for lost jewelry. When Juggernaut was struggling to swim, came 

Bella for rescue, a swimming instructor on vacation, among her valuable 

tips; never close eyes and keep breathing while swimming and the moist 

important tip of all; flip over to float on your back to avoid drowning.

The parking lot at the pond was full of pot holes like craters 

on the moon but the rest of the grounds were well kept with plenty 

shade trees. Local people gather all the time to picnic under the shade 

of the trees. 

“I love Krishna,” the voice caught Juggernaut by surprise as he 

was changing his clothes next to his car in the parking lot. 

“You mean Hare Krishna?” Juggernaut turned towards the friendly 

looking person. 

“Yes, the same sweet Lord.” The man in slender body was covered 

with colorful tattoos depicting peacock feathers and fruits and humming 

birds in flight with long beak siphoning off sweet sap from colorful 


“Well I am a Hindu and we worship Lord Krishna and all his 

other avatararas,” replied Juggernaut. 

“I know that,” he said introducing himself as Shane. “When I 

saw I know you are Indian, like many Indians I am a vegetarian,” said 

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