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A Free Drink of Rum From a 55-gallon Drum (standard:Fan Fiction, 1157 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 06 2013Views/Reads: 1366/883Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A night watchman makes a habbit of drinking rum from a 55-gallon drum.

A Free Drink of Rum from 55-Gallon Drum 

Subba Rao 

Joe was the night watchman at the research station. He lived 

on the compound in a cottage not too far from the main building next 

to the water tank. Since there was no city water supply or deep wells, 

rainwater from the building gutters is conveyed to a huge in-ground 

tank for storing and supply water for the premises.  Joe looks more 

like a cricket player than a watchman with a physique more suited for 

athletics; with his broad shoulders and long muscular legs, he could 

be a fast bowler on Jamaican cricket fast pace pitch. His lack of 

education perhaps let him down to work as night watchman. 

Minding a hog or two was not uncommon at the homes in the 

countryside in the Caribbean.  A tiny piglet can put weight up to few 

hundred pounds in a hurry munching on the waste from the kitchen and 

garden. From green bananas to avocados to papaya; anything green to 

yellow or red perishables from garden are part of the daily diet. On 

top of it, a small ration of commercial animal feed can help a hog 

grow fast. 

Joe always had one or two hogs at his cottage with the 

permission of the research director, he kept his yard clean and no 

research staff member complained of nuisance from his pigs. An animal 

like pig with a tendency to put weight easily provides a cash flow to 

poor families.  A hog is a cash crop, within few months one can make 

quick money with little investment from selling the hog to a local 


On few occasions, when Juggernaut worked late in his lab, Joe 

used to wait outside to lock the building after Juggernaut finish 

working and walk him to his car as a courtesy.  As a night watchman, 

Joe kept the keys to the every room in the research institute and the 

main gate. 

On occasions, Juggernaut chatted with Joe on his way out from 

his lab. “How your hogs doing Joe?” was the familiar starter 

conversation for Juggernaut. 

“Well, sir one hog is ready for sale, hoping to make few 

dollars on it,” replied Joe rubbing his hands together with a broad 

smile on his face. 

Jamaica produces fine rums from molasses made from locally 

grown sugarcane crop. 100 proof white rum is the most popular local 

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