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The Death of Servant Maid (standard:non fiction, 1490 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 28 2013Views/Reads: 1426/950Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The death of servant maid brought lot of memories in the mind of Juggernaut.

The Death of Servant Maid 

Subba Rao 

“When she died?” Juggernaut was saddened but not surprised to 

hear from Suseelamma, his mother that morning.  The call to his mother 

was a routine one; he does once a week to inquire her well being since 

she was in frail health at 87 living in the company of generations of 

servant maids in their ancestral home. 

“Demudu died this morning; she came to work yesterday like any 

other morning for the last 70 years; early this morning Lakshmi came 

to tell me that her grandmother died during early hours of the 

morning.  Apparently, she went to bed as usual and got up at midnight 

complaining difficulty breathing and asked for a sip of water, they 

gave her few teaspoons of glucose water, even before swallowing  she 

apparently slumped and died quietly,” Suseelamma explained 


“I am so sorry to hear that Demudu passed away, I know she was 

in poor health for a long time, I know her for so long I feel like I 

know her as I know myself,” Juggernaut was really sad. 

“Well, she came to work for us well before your born and 

stayed with us, you know that she was like our family member and we 

all treated her like that.” 

“I suggested to you several times that she was too old to work 

and let her retire with full pay,” Juggernaut trying to remember the 

events of the past. 

“So many times, I told her that she doesn't have to work but 

she never listened; Lakshmi, her granddaughter now working for years 

for us and yet Demudu comes early morning to wash dishes and sweep the 

house, that's only two chores she did for the last several years and 

Lakshmi did the rest.” 

Demudu, her name virtually means god; for whatever reasons her 

parents named her god, Demudu was called so many times a day as if god 

was called upon for everything. “Demudu, would you please get coffee?” 

If asked in presence of strangers, they may think it was crazy to call 

god to get coffee, but everybody in the family and friends circle know 

her name and understood that the maid was called upon to get coffee 

not the real god. 

Demudu comes early morning to have coffee and breakfast, then 

does the  chores then she takes a nap to get up to have lunch, she 

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