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I Want to be a Foot Soldier (standard:non fiction, 1166 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Aug 11 2013Views/Reads: 3158/743Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Juggernaut's day camp experience with his school civic's teacher turns into a memorable event in his life.

I want to be a Foot Soldier 

Subba Rao 

Mr. Raju taught civics and social studies at the school.  He 

was a tall lanky person with faint pock marks on his face from small 

pox attack in the years past.  He  conducted Sunday camps for students 

interested in outing and self defense skills. Juggernaut along with 

several others students signed up a for the Sunday camp.   Mr. Raju 

developed his own philosophy on equal justice and morality along with 

self defense techniques. 

On one Sunday, members of the camp gathered outside the school 

yard in khaki shorts, white shirts and canvas shoes to march to the 

camp site, a nearby vacant government land. Mr. Raju wearing the same 

uniform marched in front taking long strides followed by the members. 

On reaching the camp site, the students were lined up in a large 

circle with Mr. Raju standing in the center.  He developed a salute 

look more like a oath taking ceremony with left hand folded behind the 

back and right hand stretched forward with palm facing upward towards 

the sky as if begging for forgiveness. Then everybody chanted in 

chorus “We believe in equal justice irrespective of religion and 

caste. Jai Hind, Jai Hind; Jai Hind means praise India.” Then the 

members were allowed to squat on the ground around the circle for deep 

breathing and stretching exercises. Mr. Raju spoke eloquently on civic 

duties to become a better citizen and borrowed several stories from 

Hindu mythology to emphasize the need for truthfulness and 


After mid afternoon break, Mr. Raju announced that the members 

would reenact the battle of Mahabharata from Hindu mythology an epic 

war between good and evil. 

“Who want to be an elephant and a horse raise your hands,” 

instructed Mr. Raju. Some students raised their hand. 

“Those want to be foot soldiers raise hands.” Juggernaut was 

one of the members raised hands. 

“You Juggernaut will be a either a horse or an elephant not a 

foot soldier,” shouted Mr. Raju. 

“Sir, I love elephants, I could be an elephant, what an 

elephant doin the battle?” Juggernaut was curious. 

“Well, on a battle field, elephants were the first line of 

defense carrying the warriors on their back followed by horses and 

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