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First Love (standard:romance, 432 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Sep 14 2013Views/Reads: 3814/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tha Magic of a first love and how it follows you through the years.

Looking to the Stars and Moon sometimes you might see their  light
intertwine as mystical powers unknown to us come to play. This mixing 
of Star dust and moon light twirls in space waiting for its time of 
dazzling effect. We never know when we may be blessed with a dusting of 
this special powder from a divine location. With this miracle of the 
unidentified beauty we don't always understand its powers of infamous 

One day this mixing of Star light and dust finds its destiny and
sprinkles a flavor of a life time into hearts of the unexpected. 
Searching the Universe for just the two perfect hearts for this 
glorious moment of time to fulfill. 

Two young hearts blending from this mixture meet with a gleaming
pleasure of exploration and discovery. The warmth of this romance is a 
indescribable simplicity of two people becoming the center of one 
another world. The innocents of their youth allows their inner child to 
open to a euphoria. In simple terms a man and a woman look into each 
others eye, they touch with a warmth beyond description. The treasures 
of a first love develops with out indecision or reluctance. A 
unstoppable feeling that is embedded in the soul of each for a life 

With solar winds and misaligned planets a movement of time sends the two
in different directions of life. Although the Star dust sticks to the 
heart of both, life has sent both on alternate paths.  New loves and 
adventures carry the two hearts spinning through years of a sweet 

As the twists and turns of life carry each past similar voyages of time
little sign post of  days gone by, illustrated memories of  this 
attached Dust. Smiles and feelings of earlier event never leave us as 
this fondness grows faint from the distant moments, yet still stays 
soundly implanted in the spirit. 

Like the velocity of  starlight one day the paths are crossed again! A
exorbitant rush of feelings hidden behind a time warp are released. 
Less than a blink in time by the standards of the universe Yet so 
extended to the heart. Trying to learn so much from the years absent of 
being near, yet the amazement of memory of long ago moments. 

The ultimate moment will be when these two souls eventually reenter the
Kingdom of the Universe with a hope of blending their special mixture 
of Star dust that may again on a magical and mystical night  reach the 
heart and soul of two young people not expecting the dusting of a First 


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