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Restore My Good Name (standard:Fan Fiction, 1416 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Apr 15 2014Views/Reads: 1702/797Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The real god in the heaven vexed with the humanity goes to the court to clear his name.

Restore My Good Name 

By Subba Rao 

“Order, All Rise, case number 141 – God versus people. Judge, 

all the parties sworn in, please be seated and maintain silence during 

the proceedings,” said the bailiff, handing over the docket to the 

judge Juggernaut. 

Judge Juggernaut was in his mid-sixties but looks young for his 

age, one of the very few India Americans on the bench in US courts. He 

has the history of vexing both the prosecution and defense attorneys by 

asking philosophical and often rhetorical questions. 

“Sir, I understand from your submission that you filed a suit 

against the people of the world for invoking your good name God without 

your permission,” Judge Juggernaut looked at the plaintiff with 


“Yes your honor. I filed this case to restore my good name and 

stop people using my name without my permission at events across the 

world,” replied a man in late seventies with long shoulder length 

silver hair and white beard with thick mustache. 

“I noticed that your recorded your name as God; is it your 

first or last name?” asked Judge. 

“I goes by only one name God, the one and only the real God; 

the same god people worship around the world sometimes with different 

names in different cultures,” replied the old man. 

“You were not the first to claim to be god in my court; I have 

seen many weird people in my court in the past that proclaim to be the 

god,” Judge Juggernaut appeared calm. 

“May be your honor, but I am the real god; believe it or not. 

For this court appearance, I manifested as a human to clear my name,” 

the old man stood firm. 

“Well, what can I say except that I am honored to have the real 

god appeared in my court to defend himself. May I ask you why you chose 

to appear in an American court when you have a choice as god to appear 

in a court in any one of two hundred countries in the world?” the judge 

was curious. 

“I consider the American judiciary provides equal justice to 

all parties on a level playing field and proceeds expeditiously towards 

a resolution unlike in other countries where it takes decades to bring 

cases to a trial.” 

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