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Mama's House (standard:drama, 340 words)
Author: Otoshi TsunamiAdded: Sep 20 2000Views/Reads: 2470/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young girl's first person account of the burning of her mother's house.

Mama's House  by Otoshi Tsunami 

When Mama's house burned down, she told us to get the cats, for she'd be
waitin outside.  I found two cats that was already dead, and one more 
that didn't die till the next day.  Briggy and Samuel went upstairs to 
the room where some of the cats went to shit to find the mamma cats and 
the kittens, and never came back down . At Briggy and Samuel's funeral 
Mama said that it was her fault for havin so many cats, and for worryin 
so about them.  Everyone agreed. 

The day after the funeral, Mama and me left the motel that we'd been
stayin at, and went to move in with my aunt Susan and her two boys, 
Bobby and George.  When we got to aunt Susan's house, we stood on the 
doorstep with our one bag, and our one cat for a long time waitin for 
aunt Susan to come to the door.  When she finally did come to the door, 
she just stood  there and looked mean, like a dog or somethin.  Then 
finally she said, do you think you can just come here and expect me to 
take you in?  And Mama said, I do. 

Bobby and George were lookin at me from behind their mama's legs, and
makin faces at me. When I made some faces back, my mama hit me on the 

Aunt Susan said, I'll take the girl, but you're not comin into this
house after you burned your own to the ground.  It was your own fault, 
what with you smokin those cursed Monarchs all the time!  You've been 
doin it since we was in school, and I never could stand the smell of 
it!  Mama said she wished she never had a sister.  Aunt Susan looked at 
me and said, come on in May, you can sleep in with the boys, seein as 
you're all only eight or nine, and we've only got the one bedroom as it 

I never saw my mama again. 


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