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Alien Army (standard:Fan Fiction, 1101 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 22 2014Views/Reads: 1131/753Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Salvation army members were confused for an alien army force in a rural town.

Alien-Invading  Army 

Murali was Juggernaut's fellow student at the college. He was tall and
fair-skinned,  with a  lazy right eye that was stuck permanently 
looking left. When he was looking right, it confuses others,  not 
knowing which direction he was looking. His thick eyebrows were 
uninterrupted from one end of the temple to the other like a straight 
line, giving an unusual look to his face. Murali kept to himself in the 
class and only spoke when spoken to. 

In a rural town on the coast, the college specialized in agricultural
sciences attracted students mostly from the farming communities; 
Juggernaut and Murali were among the minority of students at the 
college from urban areas. On occasions, Juggernaut spoke with Murali, 
but most conversations with Murali did not go far; he either smiled, 
showing his crooked teeth, or shook his head as an answer. Behind his 
odd looks, Murali was thoughtful and imaginative with a sense of humor. 
Juggernaut overcame his initial feelings about Murali's oddities and 
befriended him when he realized he came from his hometown, 

The college, built fifty  years ago on a land donated by a local farmer
, was the only institution in the state that specialized in 
agricultural sciences. The sandy soil in the area was very shallow and 
only supported tobacco and rice nurseries. The sleepy rural town was 
turned into a bustling college town when the college was expanded to 
offer diversified courses in agricultural sciences over the years. The 
railway track separated the town into two sections:  the east side with 
all the shops and restaurants, the college campus, a few schools, two 
cinemas, one small public hospital,  and a bus stand was the main town 
area;  and the area across the railway tracks was impoverished, with a 
small church and a mosque to serve the minority population of 
Christians and Muslims. People either walked over the railway tracks or 
some went over the steel overbridge built over the tracks at the train 

At the campus, except for the soccer and cricket fields, there were no
other avenues for social activities for the students.  In the evening, 
the students, to kill time , swarmed the only two main streets in town, 
walking  up and down and visiting the railway station to watch the 
trains go by. 

On occasions, Murali dropped by Juggernaut's  room for a chat since he
hardly communicated with his own two roommates at the dorm. 

“I saw alien army members in uniform the other day,” said Murali. 

“What alien army?” Juggernaut thought it was one of those weird talks of

“ The other evening,  I went over the railway tracks for a walk and
noticed few foreigners in black army uniform in a compound next to the 
church. ” Murali looked serious. 

“How did the foreigners look like?” 

“I couldn't see clearly from the road, but they were in black military
uniform with army hats.” 

“How many of them?” Juggernaut was curious. 

“Three to five members.” 

“What do you think they were here for?” Juggernaut  inquired. 

“Perhaps planning to invade the town.” 

“How can an army of three to five soldiers invade a town, and why invade
this small rural town?” 

“Maybe  they came first to spy on us before a full invasion.” Murali
looked confused. 

That evening, Juggernaut joined Murali to investigate the alien-invasion
army across the railway tracks. From the college campus, the route to 

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