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The Man In Black (standard:romance, 616 words)
Author: JackieAdded: Mar 23 2015Views/Reads: 1127/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Finding friendship and almost love

It was a bright and snowy day. I had just finished unloading my
groceries so I decided to take a moment to catch my breath. I told 
myself I had to take it day by day and that I had to try and be strong 
for my four children. 

The man who was supposed to be my life partner of 14 years had just past
away and so naturally I felt like I was on the verge of a nervous 
breakdown like there was no hope. I tried to imagine if he was around 
me only now I couldn't see him. When I opened my eyes a young man 
appeared he had green eyes and black hair he was wearing black slacks 
and a black coat my first instinct was to tell him to get lost but then 
I saw he had a nametag. I could tell by his eyes that he was genuinely 
concerned thus kind. 

After that day he and his "coworker" stopped by again about a week later
and taught me more about God which they asked if it was alright and I 
agreed because my grandmother always had a strong faith in God and so I 
wanted to learn more. Eventually I asked if I could attend their 
church. During church he asked how I liked it I was bored out of my 
mind and I was gonna tell him I didn't think I wanted to continue on 
with it but then he smiled and so I said "I liked it I liked it a lot". 

There were many moments like that over the next couple months like
during dinner one evening I took a tiny bite off of a cookie and was 
standing over the garbage can debating whether or not if I should throw 
it out but I always taught never to waste food. Then he appeared and 
said " Nooo I'II eat it" so I said "No you can't" so he asked me why so 
l replied "Well for one thing I already took a bite of it" so he 
carefully examined it spinning it around and it looked perfectly round 
so he asked "Where?I don't see where?". I couldn't help but laugh 
because I looked like a liar-it was in that exact moment that I knew I 
loved could I find something so trivial so funny?Eventually 
they started to stop by everyday and call too. Then one day he told me 
that he was sorry and that he felt like he was calling me too much. I 
was beaming with joy and so I told him " No I like it when you call me 
it doesn't bother me at all and that I liked it". 

After all he brought me joy and gave me hope again in a time when I
could only see darkness.After about just over 4 months the dreaded call 
finally came it was time for him to be sent away. I was devastated 
although I didn't tell him. How could I? Would it stop him from 
leaving?No. How could it when it was just his job? He visited once 
before he was done. So I asked him "So is this gonna be the last time 
that I ever ever get to see you again?". He replied " No" but it was. 
Yes we remained friends still for the past couple years but eventually 
I cut all ties with him so I could move on. 

After all how could I ever fully move on if I kept looking at his old
photo the one where he flashed that same exact smile that made me not 
want to say goodbye in the first place?


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