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The Dream (standard:romance, 398 words)
Author: MayaAdded: May 15 2001Views/Reads: 2214/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a dream my character has in The Soul of Me (Part 7). I thought it was good as a stand alone piece. Let me know what you think.

I feel his arms holding me tight. His breath caresses my cheek like soft
feathers. For an eternity we do not move – we do not speak. It is 
enough to touch and be touched. 

He whispers my name gently. It comes from his soul to mine. The sound is
magical. It causes my heart to flutter and my mind to soar. 

His hand reaches up and cups my chin. He delicately lifts my face until
we are looking into each other’s eyes. His eyes are full of love. They 
see only me. My eyes reflect his love. I see only him. 

We are drawn towards each other until we finally meet in an explosion of
intense love and exquisite emotion. 

His lips, meeting mine for the first time, are soft and warm. I feel
safe – protected from every ill feeling or unfavorable word. I am 
cocooned within his embrace. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. We
continued to kiss, not wanting this feeling to end. 

Slowly we begin move together as one in a beautiful dance that is ours
alone. The wind wraps its loving arms around us as we are lifted from 
the ground. We tremble against each other as we soar higher and higher. 
The stars shine only for us. The moon greets us with its brilliant 
light. We shiver as we are carried over the distant horizon. 

All too quickly, the wind dies, and we are deposited gently on a
beautiful hill away from those that cannot understand our love. 

Our bodies separate, but our souls will never be apart. 

He takes my hand, intertwining his long elegant fingers with mine. He
leads me to the edge of a deep, dark lake. The lake is peaceful. The 
waves lap at our feet as if to say welcome. 

He pulls me to him and looks into my eyes once again. Once again I see
only his love for me. We meet for another tender, yet passionate kiss. 

I breathe his name. He is my breath. He is my life and my reason for

I melt into him. I am no longer me. He is no longer my angel, my love.
We are a unique essence. Neither of us complete without the other. One 
mind, one body, one soul. 


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