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Freezing Point (standard:drama, 0 words)
Author: SiobhanAdded: May 30 2001Views/Reads: 2258/1867Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Leslie is kidnapped and taken to a frozen realm where Queen Courtney forces her to be her servant. Leslie attempts to escape and falls in love with the queen's righthand man. Tempers flare as the temperature cools, who will snap first?

FREEZING POINT Trapped in a world of desolate snow Ruled by a female
tyrant with an iron fist With every decision made by another One girl 
and a rebel group dare to stand up In any way that they can! 

Please help me, 

My name is Leslie Roberts and I am trapped and in need of rescue.  I
once lived in Gilbert, Arizona about two years ago.  I was forcibly 
kidnapped from school by the orders of a very twisted female.  Her name 
was Courtney Tatasso.  She had this vision of a frozen empire and she 
created it with all her prisoners locked inside, never again to see the 
outside world nor their homeland.  She forces people to marry others of 
her choice.  She does this because it is to breed the best warriors, 
the best looking, and so on.  She was going to make me marry a young 
gentleman named Brady but I do not love him and thus I cannot wed him.  
That was the final straw that made my decision to get away.  I was 
attempting an escape and if you are reading this and I am not there 
then I did not succeed and am still in my prison of ice. Her kingdom is 
large but completely explored. 

I had two more companions with me, Alan Strapp, and Tonia White.  They
are both wonderful and daring people.  If they did not escape then I am 
heartbroken and pray for their rescue even more so than mine for they 
are in even worse conditions than mine.  Tonia is one of the queen's 
servant girls.  She is not a trusted one but she is one never the less. 
 Alan is a common work boy and he is already married to a horrible girl 
who is intent upon destroying his life along with ours. 

Courtney captured me because she thought I would make a great servant
girl instead I have turned out to be one of her biggest problems.  She 
says that I am overflowing with spunk and will power and that she 
wishes she had never allowed me to enter her kingdom.  As if it were 
really my choice.  I feel no regrets only hope for the future.  I just 
want my freedom. 

I must go for soon we will be attempting our escape.  You see this was
written before the great deed but will be read after.   I pray to 
succeed but I feel that we have been sold out.  I only pray for Tonia's 
and Alan's safety.  If you read this, help! 


Leslie Hope Roberts 

P.S. Please help me to gain my freedom and bring down the queen. 

Leslie laughed at her best friend, Alisha, as she ran into the wall. 
They were always goofing off and then accidentally running into things. 

"Aren't I graceful?" Alisha giggled.  Suddenly Leslie noticed that she
left her notebook outside lying by the wall.  Mortification and worry 
flooded her system.  She needed that notebook for just about every 

"You may be graceful but I have got the mind of my step-sister.  I left
my notebook back at the wall," she grinned sheepishly.  Alisha shook 
her head and laughed.  It wasn't the first time that she had forgotten 
her notebook and she knew that it would not be her last. 

"Well I have to get to class or I'll be late and you better be fast or
you'll be late," Alisha pointed out.  She looked so frustrated with 
Desiree for she had reminded her to pick it up but she had left it 

"Sure, well farewell.  See you in second hour," Leslie waved good-bye. 
She hurried out the door and grimaced as the minute bell rang.  She 
hurried to the spot where they sat before school starts.  Her notebook 
was nowhere to be found.  She wrinkled her brow in confusion and looked 
around the wall.  Surely it had to be there for where else could it 
possibly be?  She knew she had not left it at home for she remembered 
specifically setting it on the dirt.  The tardy bell rang and Leslie 
screeched with growing apprehension and irritation. 

"Are you looking for this?" a deep voice asked.  She turned around and

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