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Crossing The Boundaries -Chapter 1 (standard:drama, 0 words) [1/12] show all parts
Author: SiobhanUpdated: Jun 03 2001Views/Reads: 2230/1545Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Brenda recieves a rose from a mysterious stalker but when she goes to camp, the giver becomes known and a malicious chase begins.


Brenda was outside; painting the brook that ran in front of their log
cabin.  She was suddenly distracted by something out of the corner of 
her eye.  She glanced up and through her closed window, she saw a 
shadow moving in her room but she shrugged it off.  About half an hour 
later, it was too dark for her to paint anymore, so she picked up her 
supplies, and went inside. 

She opened the door and it made a soft squeak.  She sauntered down to
her room and was about to go in her room when she saw something that 
shocked her. 

She dropped her paints and her dad called, "Brenda, are you all right?" 

"Yeah dad, I'm just clumsy," she answered back as she bent down to pick
up her paints.  She straightened back up and walked casually into her 

The sight that shocked her was the fact that a rose and envelope lay on
her dresser.  She thought they were from her dad so she picked up the 
rose and smelled it thoughtfully.  She took her dying wildflowers out 
of the blue vase and threw them out of the "open" window.  She then 
placed the rose into the now empty vase.  She tenderly opened the 
envelope and pulled out a beautiful card.  A smile lit over her pretty 

She opened it and read, 

"Beautiful painting of the brook but it is not quite as beautiful as
you.  Do you realize I am watching your expression as you read this? 


The Watcher" 

Brenda dropped the note with a short gasp.  What did it all mean and who
would leave a note like this?  Certainly not her father and she could 
not remember seeing anyone in the surrounding woods.  She suddenly 
remembered her window was open and she ran over to it.  She slammed it 
shut with a heavy bang.  Then she yanked her blue curtains down.  She 
looked back at the rose and began to cry softly. 

The phone rang and she bounced up to answer it. 

"Hello, is Brenda there?" a familiar, female voice asked. 

"This is her.  Hi Jack," she sobbed into the phone. 

"Hey, are you okay?  You sound as if you have been crying or are
crying," Jack announced. 

"I just got this rose and note and it is from someone who is watching
me," she whimpered. 

"Sounds like someone likes you," her friend kidded around. 

"It was in my room and this person has been watching me while I paint
too," Brenda was desperate to make her friend understand that this was 
not a cool thing. 

"Well, how could they have possibly got into your room without your dad
knowing?" she inquired. 

"Through my window, duh!  I don't like the idea of someone being able to
sneak into my room and leave me gifts, not to mention watching me," 
Brenda was really worried. 

"Alright, so tell someone about it if it bothers you so much, and not
me," Jack advised. 

"No, not unless they leave me another rose and in that case I am going
to the cops," she decided with conviction. 

"Great idea, anyways, what I was calling about was to see if you were

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