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Tokateka- Chapter One (youngsters:fantasy, 0 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: SiobhanUpdated: Oct 01 2002Views/Reads: 3430/2576Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Karla has been accepted into the top knotch school of the universe,Tokateka. She is following in the footsteps of her rebellious brother and going with her best friend. She has no clue what she is in for but she soon will.

Chapter one Karla 


"Our world is one of darkness but there is color and wonder," Karla
announced to the girl sitting on her bunk.  The girl sitting on the 
bunk was none other than Joyce, Karla's best friend.  Both girls were 
young ladies of their people.  Karla, who was exceptionally beautiful, 
was a water lady.  Her hair was dark aqua blue, her skin creamy white 
with a tinge of blue, but her eyes were most startling.  They were dark 
green with specks of blue and purple floating in the green aura.  
Joyce, on the other hand was a fire lady.  She had fiery red, almost 
orange hair, pale skin with a scattering of brown freckles, and her 
eyes were a soft magical grey.  Both girls were only thirteen and they 
were being sent to Tokateka, the school of the universe. 

Karla could hardly wait for she had an older brother who had gone.  His
name was Lord Koregan of the Water People and he was destined to marry 
Princess Miranda of the Water People.  He was very distraught over the 
fact for he loved Camaraline, a common girl.  He would have flat out 
refused but for the sake of his father's name, he had consented and was 
to be wed to the young princess in a few months.  The reason this 
excited Karla so was because Koregan had found a spell that would 
repulse Princess Miranda from him.  He had found it at Tokateka, the 
only place with the knowledge of every possible spell in the universe.  
Underage people, meaning people who were not of age to go to Tokateka 
were not allowed there at all.  One had to be thirteen to get in and 
even then, the white dove of Marciss had to permit you to go there.  
Both Joyce and Karla had been presented before the white dove of 
Marciss and it had cooed its approval. 

"What do you mean?  I see no darkness, except for at night, in our
world," Joyce looked at Karla with bewilderment. 

"Oh Joyce, that is simply because you have not the sense to see the
poetic bleakness of life.  There are only a few bright moments to look 
forward to and even those eventually flicker and extinguish," she 

"You water people are far to dramatic.  There is not enough light, I
love her and I cannot marry that one. Get over it," Joyce disapproved 
of Koregan attempting to get out of the marriage, mainly because she 
had a crush on him. 

"What do you think Tokateka is like?" Karla inquired dreamily as she
gazed out her little tower window at the moving surface of the water 
far above her roomy home. 

"I imagine it is a stony fortress filled with giddy school students from
everywhere possible.  There are lessons to be taught and they shall be 
learned," the red head responded in a bored tone of voice. 

"Do you want to know what the problem is with fire people?  They never
have any creative moments, all they think about is reality.  Don't you 
ever find reality boring?" Karla spun around and flopped on the bed 
beside Joyce. 

"No, I find it reassuring.  I know that in reality, there are ways to
battle and destroy anything but in fantasy, there are creatures that 
have not even yet to be identified.  I find it much safer, here on 
stable ground," she rolled on her back to look at the bubble-domed roof 
of Karla's room.  Her friend only sighed in exasperation. 

"Girls," Karla's stunning mother poked her head in the room, " You
should really go to sleep.  We have to get up bright and early to shop 
for your school supplies." 

"Fine, we'll go to sleep," Karla began climbing to the top of her bunk. 

"Goodnight Mrs. Waves," Joyce smiled as she wiggled under the soft,
seaweed silk sheets. 

"Sleep tight you two and I mean it, sleep," she smiled and flicked off
the electric eels gliding across the roof then she shut the door.  The 
darkness settled like the silence upon the two girls and the distant 

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