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The story of a love lost not found. (standard:romance, 0 words)
Author: MindiAdded: Jun 11 2001Views/Reads: 2199/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It is about a girl (Leighla Johnson) and a guy (Seth Richards). They fall in love and some one interferes. They split up and in the end are both in heaven.

The story of a love, lost not found. 

One day Leighla Johnson met this guy named Seth Richards. They talked
for like a month and found out a lot about each other. One day Seth 
called Leighla and asked her if she would like to go to the movies. She 
politely said, "Yes." As they were there watching their movie Seth 
looked in to her soft blue eyes and said, "Look I really like you and I 
want you to be a big part of my life," he took a deep breath and then 
finished, "Will you be my girlfriend?" So excited that he had asked her 
she screamed, "YES!" The whole theatre looked at her. She blushed and 
softly said, "Sorry." As time went on they got more and more involved. 
They were inseparable. They did everything together. They were as one. 
Their hearts pounded to the same beat. They let no one get in the way. 
Everything was fine until one dayat school. Seth had met this new girl 
named Amy Rice and she was the typical girl. She flirted with all the 
cute guys, well Seth just happened to be cute. He enjoyed the 
attention, but Leighla did not. She hated it more and more every time 
she saw Amy talking to Seth. Seth began talking to Amy more and more, 
and Leighla less and less. Until one day when they didn't talk at all. 
Seth called Leighla and said, "Look I know it has been a year and three 
months of your life that you have wasted with me, but I think we need 
to split up." Leighla was speechless and she just hung up. Click. She 
called her friend Yasmine Kepp and told her the whole story. Then 
Yasmine told Leighla that she had seen Amy and Seth at the movies about 
a week ago. Leighla had Yasmine call Seth on three-way. Yasmine asked 
for him. Then when he said, "Hello. " Leighla, not so calmly asked, 
"Did you break up with me for that girl Amy you have been talking 
to?!?" Seth paused and then said, "Well yes, and no." She then said, 
"How can it be yes and no?!?" He said, "I broke up with you because we 
have drifted apart, and, well yes I like Amy and I am going to go out 
with her ." Leighla just said, "Yasmine hang up now please." She did. 
Leighla had Yasmine come over. They talked and cried together. A few 
months had passed and Leighla thought she was over Seth. Then one day 
she saw him and Amy at the mall. She went up to him and said, "Hi." He 
just passed without a word spoken. When she got home she called him. He 
answered, "Why are you calling? Wasn't the rneeting at the mall enough 
speaking for this  month?" She said, "Well I was going to say we could 
be friends, but no. I am happy for you and her." She just hungup. She 
wanted to be the nicer person in this scenario; I mean it isn't like 
she is over him. She only said that to him so that she wouldn't burst 
out in  tears. She still loves him and it pains her to see him with 
another person. So as the years passed she found some one new and they 
got married. His name was Johnathan Denver. They were happy. She went 
to her l0-year reunion and didn't see Seth there. She saw Amy and asked 
what had happened. Amy told her that one day while he was at the bar he 
drank too much and he was depressed all the time. That night he wrote a 
letter and killed himself. The letter read: 

Hello to whoever reads this. I have made many mistakes in my life and
the one that I.will never forget is loosing the one that I love, 
Leighla. She was the world to me and I pushed her love away when this 
girl Amy came too close. Amy and me dated for a few months and I 
thought that I was over Leighla, but as you can see I am not. If 
someone could get to her to tell her one thing, "I love you." I would 
do any thing to be there with you. I am sure you are happy now, but who 
is to say? I will see you in heaven. l will apologize. I hope you 
accept it. I haye to go now. See you in heaven. Bye. 

Seth Richards 

That is all it took. She started crying and said, "I am sorry Johnathan
but I have got to go. " She got in her car and left. She was crying and 
could barely see. She was wiping her tears as she was hit by a diesel. 
She died upon impact. She left all ofher familyand friends behind. Who 
knows if her and Seth ever met up in heaven, but many people miss her. 
The story doesn 't end in happily ever after; it ends in tears and 
forever sorrow. That just shows how strong the force of love is . Love 
as often as you can. it is a good feeling. Don't ever let anyone get in 
the way!


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