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Dear Miss Judy, A Letter from Your Cats (standard:romance, 0 words)
Author: TimAdded: Jun 14 2001Views/Reads: 1909/1224Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Miss Judy is my former girlfriend, and the manic-depressive, in my life. She dumps me on a regular basis, but always comes back. Zach and Zoey are her cats. I wrote this letter "for them", and slipped it under the door, in her foyer.

Dear Miss Judy, 

We have just about had it, with you leaving us home alone, all the time.
Now, Zoey and I know, you have to earn a living, but for goodness 
sakes, you could, at the very least, take us with you, on occasion. You 
tried selling us that business about the really nice litter box you 
bought for us, but we talked to some other feline friends, back at 
Happy Tales, where you got us, and they said you really bought it for 
that stuck up weenie, Bishop.  Yeah, he really showed his appreciation 
for it, didn't he?  Ha, Ha, Ha!  Crapped all over the house!  You sure 
showed him, didn't ya?  I wonder who's putting up with his shenanigans, 

I know, you feed us pretty well, and there is always water in our bowls,
but it gets pretty damned lonely around here, even with my little sis 
around.  Just how happy are you, when the only one around is your 
damned sister?  Not very, I would suspect. 

There's another issue to be discussed, as well.  What ever happened to
that really nice man who used to sleep with you?  He was very nice and 
treated Zoey and me like he loved us, and it was quite obvious, he 
loved you, a lot, too.  Didn't you call him Timmy, or something like 
that?  We were just wondering where he went and what he's doing, and 
why you never have him over, anymore.  We heard his voice on the 
answering machine the other day, and he sounded really sad.  It almost 
made us both cry, and cats very seldom do that, ya know.  We even heard 
him singing a love song to you, on that silly machine, and he asked you 
to call him, but we never heard you do that. 

We didn't really get to know him, all that well, but it only took a
minute, around him to know he's an awfully nice man, and he loves you 
with all his heart, which by now, must be broken into a million pieces. 
How sad!  I guess we've lost a friend, and do you know how few friends 
cats ever have?  REAL friends, I mean.  Most men hate us like the 
plague.  He really loved us, but we'll probably never see him again. Do 
you think you might change your mind, someday?  I sure hope so, because 
Zoey loves him as much as I do, and even if she is a pesky little 
sister, I still love her and want her to be happy.  We both want you to 
be happy too, and it's hard to imagine you not being happy, with a man 
in your life, who loves you as much as he seems to.  Wow!  How could 
you chase him away?  You know, he cares so much about you, I'll bet if 
you called him, he would smile all over and be so very happy to hear 
your voice. It was really nice, having him around, the times you two 
were together. 

Zoey and I purr and make warm and fuzzy sounds, when we are happy. Guess
what.  We heard you making the same sounds when he was holding you.  
When you two slept together, Zoey and I quietly jumped up on the bed in 
the middle of the night and you looked like you were smiling all over.  
You both were, and it was so beautiful.  You haven't been the same, 
since then.  I just know, he hasn't either, even though, I have no idea 
where to find him, to ask.  Another thing, when you two kissed, it 
scared us, because we saw your knees buckle and we were afraid you were 
going to fall down, and get hurt, but he held you up, with his strong 
arms, and he looked at you with a loving face, and smiled.  We knew, 
right away, everything was going to be fine.  But now, we're afraid 
it's not. 

Please call him, if for no other reason, to let him know we miss him. We
love him and deep down, we think you probably do too.  Yeah, Yeah, we 
know you say you don't, but Bishop said he overheard him asking you to 
marry him, back in September, when Bishy first moved here.  He also 
told us, you said, "Maybe", at first, then "Probably", when he asked 
you again.  Then, he wouldn't accept either of those answers, so you 
said, "Oh Hell! You know we'll marry each other, someday!  I love you, 
Asshole"  Bishy laughed his furry little ass off, when he told us that. 
He said, Timmy told you those were the most beautiful four words he had 
ever heard.  Wow!  That's some pretty funny stuff.  You and Timmy 
seemed to have such a good time together.  You were always laughing 
when he was here.  Why don't you do that anymore, Miss Judy? Why don't 
you smile anymore, Miss Judy?  Do you miss him?  You sure miss 
something!  What is it?  We just want to see you happy and see Timmy 
happy, too.  It sure seems like the two of you were, once upon a time. 

Bishy told us Timmy is a musician, and a pretty good one, too.  But, you

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