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The Dark Mystickal Night (standard:fantasy, 0 words)
Author: Danielle ZirpoliAdded: Jun 28 2001Views/Reads: 1999/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a story about finding ones self

Late one evening I took a stroll, and my stroll led me afar to a
beautiful forestry setting with unicorns and faeries also enchanted 

They call this forest The Mystickal Universe where dreams and
imaginations soar full of unicorns and lore. 

I walked along this little road and I met a glourious creature. It was
shiny white with a beautiful golden horn. I am the one to bring you 
myth and lore. 

Go to the castle there you'll see a dragon with a golden spine, he shall
show you he's devine and the mythickal dragon is all mine. 

The castle has a moat with a boat to float to the isle of faerie lore
ask for Aurora the smaillest faerie. 

She is a faerie with loads of style she should take you to the castle
for what you are seeking within. 

Aurora says the power is there for you you should learn as much as you
can and if you are not able too come to me and I will help thee find of 
what you are aware of. 

So into the eerie castle I go, afraid of the unknown. The faerie is
there in your heart and she knows your part. 

Down the hall towards the stairs down a passage that says"beware" open
the door in there you will find the secret to being devine. 

There is a text within that shows you how to develop your majickal and
fantastical powers of the unknown. 

You know your eternal quest is done you have found your own spiritual
majick through and through. 

The powers of within have come out to frolic and play you are now the
person you desired to be. 

Aurora comes over and says you have successfully sought the desire to
find what is in your soul. 

Your soul light is shining ever as bright as the sun and the moon and
stars are having fun within your aura glow. 

The End 


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