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Little Treasures (standard:other, 0 words)
Author: Danielle ZirpoliAdded: Jun 28 2001Views/Reads: 2021/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
not sure about things we cherish in our lives

A little treasure for me to share the feelings of love&war are enclosed
for you to enjoy. 

You can enjoy the secrets within the container which is small and you
might think there is nothing at all. 

But you can only understand the power of the hand that holds these
treasures their worth is far beyond just paper money. 

If you are willing to open thine self and seek within look to the wealth
and glory of your little enclosed treasure. 

The glory could be a beautiful summer's day or a night filled with stars
and a loved one. 

So take these treasures I offer you and share in it's wealth It will
hopefully bring you good health and a fragment of your mind and heart 
Then you will truly be at peace with yourself. 

For once your mind and soul are open to newer things like love, joy,
anger, and hate although fate cannot be tempted. 

So be with the one you love and cherish them forever because they also
cherish you and how happy the two of you can be within each other's 

So cling to your dreams and fantasies and help them mature because once
they are nurtured they will help you live out your life longer and 

So dream on little one and maybe one day your dreams and wishes will
come true 

The End


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