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The Secret of Life (standard:non fiction, 0 words)
Author: MischiefMakerAdded: Jul 12 2001Views/Reads: 2170/1363Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The true story of a phenomenal friendship between two young girls.

We never even saw it coming. As two sixteen-year old girls living in 

today's woman-oriented society, we thought of ourselves as above the law

governs the rest of the world. We believed that nothing bad could ever
truly touch 

us - we believed ourselves to be invincible. We were wrong. Nothing
teaches of 

ignorance more than failure in the simplest of  tasks - being ourselves.

Kent and I met in the spring of fifth grade, the year my brother,
sisters, and 

I had moved from the private school in Columbia where we had been going

kindergarten to Richard Winn Academy, a tiny private school in

South Carolina. For me, settling into this new environment proved to be
a more 

onerous task than I had ever dreamed. 

The first friend I made was a girl, Ashlyn, who about a month later,
told my 

classmates lies about me, saying that I had spoken badly of them behind

backs. Of course, children being as cruel as they are, and always
spoiling for a 

good fight, they believed every word she said. 

At this point in my life, I was not a strong person. My one goal in life

to blend in, not be noticed. So, when the class turned their backs on
me, and I 

was left alone, I did nothing to stop it. The last month or so of school
was pure 

torture, and I still said nothing. 

When about two weeks were left in fifth grade, Kent, a spunky little

haired girl with attitude to spare, befriended me. She knew of my
problems, of 

course, and informed me of something that I didn't know - I didn't have
to take 

any of this. Without Kent's support and help behind me as my safety net,
I never 

would've found the courage to fix my problems. We went to a teacher, and

finally told my parents. I even stood up to Ashlyn, and, at the

Party', she apologized for her heinous behavior. 

Just for the record, I still never befriended her, despite her many

to do so. 

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