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Quest: A Starflight Story (standard:science fiction, 0 words)
Author: BrockleighAdded: Jul 13 2001Views/Reads: 2081/1900Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The first in a series of stories that use the game Starflight from Electronic Arts as a backdrop. Even people who haven't played the game have enjoyed this story.

Quest: A Starflight Story By Kevin Stasila 

Foreword: This story has been written with the intention of being the
first of several parts. There will be loose ends that are to be tied up 
in future installments. Just keep reading, and it'll all make sense. 
Secondly, this story will be posted on a couple of different web sites, 
so there is a section that has been written as a primer for Starflight 
newbies. Bear with me, there are elements in the primer that are 
integral to this story and subsequent ones. And now, on with the 

Craig Hixon looked out the viewport and out into space. He was told that
the first time he saw the starfield, he would be awestruck, but he had 
no idea the actual extent. The enormity and vastness, coupled with its 
beauty had him transfixed until he heard his name repeated, louder and 
more insistent each time. 

"Lieutenant Hixon!" Hixon was shocked back to reality and his attention
turned to a tall man in what looked to be his mid- to late-thirties 
taking a seat at his table. Light brown hair, muscular without looking 
imposing, and an authoritative stance were more than enough to tell 
Hixon that this was the captain he had been assigned to. 

"Captain Gault?" Hixon inquired and received a nod in response. "It is a
pleasure to be able to serve..." 

"Cut it out, Hixon," Gault cut him off abruptly, "I don't need to hear
the official greeting and all the other crap they learned you at rookie 
school. I've heard it so many times before I know it off by heart." 
Gault's tone was harsh but softened a little at seeing the response 
from Hixon, which was a look of shock, but not the cowering he had 
expected. He continued, "First of all, yes, I'm Mark Gault. Pleased to 
meet you. Second, I don't need an academy puke. I need a science 
officer who thinks with his head, not from a textbook. If I ever run a 
mining mission, I'll grab one of the six bookworms that finished ahead 
of you in your class." 

Hixon was surprised that the Captain had done his homework even that
well. He'd heard that most captains would just shake his hand and show 
him to his seat. That Gault wanted to meet him in a social setting was 
unusual; other captains didn't feel the need to get that close to their 
science officers. This guy was different. 

"Right. Now Hixon, I read up on your file. I like what I see. Mainly the
tough streak you've shown. That's an asset I like in my crew, and 
something we'll need on this next mission." 

"What is the mission?" Hixon was a little impatient, but the Captain
didn't seem to mind. 

"Well I shouldn't say just yet, but it's best to give you an opportunity
to walk. We are heading into Uhlek space." Gault was expecting 
something like an open-mouthed stare, a look of astonishment, 
incredulity, and fear. A mission like what was proposed, even with as 
basic a description as this, was either for the very brave, or 
amazingly stupid. Gault wanted to see if there was any apprehension in 
Hixon, and if so, he would dismiss him immediately. 

Hixon merely blinked. "Uhlek space... hope we got some pretty big guns."

Gault was more than a little impressed by the reaction. "Good answer. I
like you already." Gault stood, and started for the door. "Simulator 
six, one hour after the dock goes to night shift. Got it?" He didn't 
wait for an answer. Hixon was left at the table, wondering if he was 
actually interviewed, introduced, or conscripted into service. He 
looked out at the starfield again. 

At any rate, at least he'd be out there. Among the stars. *** Hixon left
the simulator, and headed for his quarters. More that a little put off 
by Gault's reaction to his more than lengthy audition, he entered 
Section B-3, walked into his quarters, and collapsed on his sofa. After 
14 hours in the simulator, Hixon was exhausted. He had performed every 
task to the best of his ability, completed every test the computer came 
up with, and came out with a damn near perfect result. Gault, however, 

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