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Hiroki Kitakaze storys The first story Shun (standard:drama, 31329 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jul 19 2001Views/Reads: 2490/2210Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sub-title (blind spot of 50 years) Story of impression in Hiroshima and Odawara in Japan.

Please read *before reading Chapter 1. 

*The conversation sentences other than Tatsuya in Chapter 1 are
speaking with a local accent of Hiroshima all. 

Kawahara family was turned to Odawara of new address in a certain place
of the suburb of Hiroshima City which receives the faint sunlight of 
the end of winter, and it tried to leave in March, 59th year of Showa 
(1984) " Chiichyan [Chikako's nickname] quickens it!" Mayumi called 
daughter who did not come out from the room of the second floor even if 
becoming the time of the departure Chikako from the door. "Yes. It goes 
now." Chikako closed the door in the room, and descended the stairs 
when answering so. "What is done. If it doesn't leave at 8 o'clock, it 
is delayed in the train, it said!" "However, good-bye is done in the 
room." Chikako looked up at the face of Mayumi who had stiffened the 
face and said while putting on shoes. Then, husband who was waiting for 
two people on the side of the called taxi Tatsuya must come to the side 
of two people in the front of the house and seemed "Did Chicyan part in 
the room?"; Chikako is "Yes   Mr. window and Mr. walled parted all. " 
looking up at the face of taller Tatsuya than Mayumi when saying to 
Chikako. "It is leaving time. " Mayumi's father Shozo went out of a 
sideward room soon about the door when three people were talking with 
Shozo had put on the yukata(Old Japan pajamas). "It is always of 
finish coming to play. " Three people' worth of a cake and the juice 
were passed to Mayumi so that Kazue who was Mayumi's mother might also 
usually eat for putting on in the train to follow Shozo when lonesomely 
saying to three people while going out to the door in shape of apron. 
"Mother, Though it was good because it was bought in such a station." 
Mayumi said," "Because of special when saying seeming to apologize to 
mother who always took care with and put away the cake and the juice in 
backing. "Then, let's take the taxi. " Three people stepped over the 
threshold of an old door and walked to the taxi when Tatsuya urged it 
on three people so. 

It was personnel changes to have decided the transfer of Tatsuya in
February. For Tatsuya, the family name originally called Kawahara by 
man in Odawara was a family name of Tatsuya's house. Tatsuya got 
acquainted to two younger Mayumi who was aiming at the designer on the 
introduction of the colleague at that time Tatsuya's deciding the 
transfer to the branch in Hiroshima in the same company, and moving at 
26 years old Tatsuya though Tatsuya was working for the headquarters of 
an electric maker before came to Hiroshima in Tokyo. It is possible to 
become a thing to live in Mayumi's house completely first while Tatsuya 
touches Mayumi's parents' characters in actually living, and as much as 
one year does not pass though there was resistance because Tatsuya was 
an eldest son. Chikako can done half a year's it is a certain thing to 
have raised considerable heat mutually, and Tatsuya and Mayumi get 
acquainted and without passing either though now is not understood for 
Tatsuya and Mayumi. It becomes a chance and, two people will live in 
the parents' family of Mayumi who not is to whom noises become empty 
more widely than apartments, too though lived first in the apartment 
which Tatsuya was renting when marrying without hearing opposite of 
Tatsuya's parents by the thing to consider the environment by which the 
hope of Mayumi and Chikako are brought up. 

The origin whirled to me transferred again in Tokyo very much in
personnel changes of feelings of thanks to the thing to leave me of the 
stranger pleasantly and to love daughter Chikako more than other anyone 
and this company even though was a son of the obligation and the 
attention of respect which looked like bewildering whirled in the area 
of the parents who took care with mind in Tatsuya today when seven 
years were about to pass from that. Tatsuya said cabbing the front 
front toward Shozo and Kazue. "Thank you really for the father and 
mother for seven years. does not hold out so that does not fly to the 
provinces, and, this time, do not worry about Mayumi's thing, please 
when I go to the headquarters in Tokyo. " "Receive with pleasure when 
there is a thing fly to goodness and Hiroshima. " "Uselessness Such a 
thing is said" Shozo tried to comfort Tatsuya who changed rapidly and 
said. The Shozo confronted in a merry sport, and Kazue controlled Shozo 
always. "Grandpa! Parting is unpleasant. " The pull cries, and Chikako 
who hears Tatsuya and grandparents' stories is large and has begun to 
cry over the voice when clinging to the arriving foot that  seems to 
have become rapidly lonely, and peeps from the under of Shozo's 
yukata(Old Japan pajamas). "Chicyan ,makes to the child who may hear 
the thing which the father and mother say well,  does, and the grandpa 

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