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Only Time (standard:horror, 1206 words)
Author: CrockerAdded: Jul 29 2001Views/Reads: 1968/1143Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
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Only Time 

The crowd roared with laughter as the dummy talked to his master. The
doll was about three feet tall, has red hair, and a face with numerous 
freckles. His arms were skinny like his legs. He was wearing a black 
t-shirt, and a pair of tan slacks. 

The guy who was operating the doll was a man with dark black hair, and a
pale white face. His neck was as long as my arm; he was an extremely 
skinny male. His legs were made of only skin.. 

I was seventeen years old with light brown hair always in a ponytail. I
had a perfect face with just a small tan. My body was well developed, 
with just the right curves, firm, medium breast, and well-built legs. 
My dark green eyes are always behind my small frame glasses. 

I sighed with boredom when the ventriloquist began speaking to the doll
"Hey Charlie how old are you?" asked the ventriloquist. 

" Just as old as you are; and that's why I'm,"
said the doll. The crowed laughed once more; but I didn't. I didn't 
find it so funny just completely pointless and stupid. My parents 
dragged me here because they thought it would be a fun night out with 
the family. I looked over at them and saw them laughing so hard, that 
they were crying. 

Suddenly the ventriloquist sat the doll on his stool, and took off
running down the aisle. Kids quickly began to wave and shout. I 
wondered what the volunteer had to do. 

" Raise your hand honey," said my mother nudging me to do, as she

" No," I said sighing and sliding down in my set. 

" Oh, I forgot," I over heard my mother whispering in her husbands ear "
she's too old now." I rolled my eyes as my father let out a little 

" Come on down!" shouted the ventriloquist who had come up unnoticed and
literally made me jump out of my skin. I looked over at my parents who 
were looking at me and motioning me to go. Great, I'm going to make a 
fool of myself. 

I walked down the aisle, feeling a little uncomfortable with hundreds of
eyes on me. As I walked up onto the stage, the ventriloquist put the 
microphone in my face. 

" Good evening..." stated the ventriloquist. 

" Jennifer," I said speaking into the microphone. I felt like a total

" What a pretty name," he said looking at me. I suddenly felt very
uncomfortable; it felt like the scrawny freak was examining my body. " 
How old are you?" 

I looked at him and caught him looking at my legs. " 17!" 

The ventriloquist slowly scanned over the body of his seventeen year old
"wife." He couldn't strike her here; he had to wait until they were 
practically alone. Only time, it was only a matter of time. 

The next day I was in the backseat of my friend's car, remembering the
night before. It was so superfluous to the show. All he did was did 
some math problem and let the stupid doll solve it. The answer was my 
birth date. 

" What do you guys want to do?" asked my friend Dillon. He was really
cool Korean kid. His hair was pitch black, and it was combed forward. 
He had a really strong body. 

" I don't know," I said flipping my hair. It was getting really hot back
here, so I decided to take off my shirt to reveal my white wife-beater. 
I've been around the guys long enough to know that they wouldn't stare, 

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