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Whatever (standard:romance, 5583 words)
Author: MischiefMakerAdded: Sep 04 2001Views/Reads: 2991/1910Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A friendship turns into something more.

Chapter One "Whatever." I say. Tom just sits there and looks at me.
After a minute, I look him and say, "What?" "I can't believe you just 
said whatever! This is, like, the coolest thing, and you say 
whatever!!!" He looks extremely disappointed in me. See, me and Tom 
have been friends forever. He's alway telling me these outrageous 
stories, just to make me laugh, which is what he's trying to pull now, 
but I'm in a bad mood, and I feel like playing pretend right now. He 
expects me to just sit there, and pretend to buy his crappy stories 
about how his aunt in Toronto just grew an extra head, and how his mom 
was abducted my aliens last week, like I always do. But today, I just 
don't feel like it. I know he's just trying to cheer me up, but I need 
to think. "Tom, I've really gotta get out of here. Can you give me a 
lift to the mountain?" Tom looks at me sympathically, because he, and 
only he, knows that I only go to out spot on the mountain when I'm 
depressed, as I am now. "Wanna talk about it?" he says. "Maybe in a 
while, okay?" I do wanna tell Tom about my depressing day, because I 
know he'll sit there and listen and be sympathetic, but I need a minute 
to wallow in self pity. "Just drive me up there, k?" And he does. Just 
like always, whenever I need a friend, Tom is the one who's there. But 
what's wierd is I don't feelings for him besides friendship. He's too 
much like a brother to me. "I'll wait about ten minutes, and come up, 
alright?" Tom's voice breaks into my thoughts. "Okay. Thanks, hun." 
Before I get out of the car, I kiss him on the cheek, and say, "Thanks 
again." "Anytime, babe." He always calls me babe. Ever since we became 
friends in seventh grade when I hooked him up with my friend Alana. I 
think that was one of the worse judgement calls I've ever made in my 
life. Alana's smart, and she keeps to herself alot. Tom,on the other 
hand,plays football, basketball, and I don't think he's ever cracked a 
book in his life. They were the most horrible match in the history of 
horrible matches. I get out of the car and start the five minute hike 
up to our spot on the mountain. It's a good thing Tom said he'd come up 
in ten minutes. He knows I get tired of feeling sorry for myself after 
a couple of minutes. As soon as I reach the spot, I sit down and begin 
to think. The whole reason I'm depressed is because I turn sixteen this 
Saturday. I'm having this huge party, and the guy I like is coming.I 
know for definite he is because he told me personally he'd be there. He 
also asked me if he could bring his girlfriend. Being me, I said yes. 
Of course I said yes! What else could I say? "Uh, no you can't bring 
that slut of a girlfriend of yours, and if you do, I'll go into a 
jealous rage, and slit her throat!"? That would seem a bit psychotic. I 
did think it, though. "Gee, you look like you could use a friend." Tom 
has somehow managed to sneak up on me, and since I wasn't expecting 
anyone, I jumped up so high, I almost fell of the side of the mountain. 
Consid-ering the falls are only fifty feet high, I probably wouldn't 
kill myself- I'd just be really hurting tomorrow morning. "Yeah, I 
guess, I do." Tom came over and sat beside me. The sun was setting and 
the sky looked beautiful. This was me and Tom's special place. Since 
I'm in tenth grade now, I guess it must be almost four years since me 
and Tom first met. We met because of my friend Alana, the girl I hooked 
Tom up with. I didn't really know him when I hooked him up with Alana, 
just through mutual friends. In this exact spot, almost four years ago 
exactly, it was my twelth birhday,and I was feeling a little sad. All 
my parties were over with, and there wasn't anything to look forward to 
now. So, I went up to the falls to think. I had been sitting up there 
for about ten minutes when I hear something. No one knows about this 
place except my best friend Maggie, who lives in Colorado now, so I 
wonder who it could be. Well, out of the woods walks Tom. We both 
looked suprised to see the other. Then Tom tells me this is his special 
place, and he didn't think anybody knew about it. Astonished, I tell 
him that this is my special place, and I didn't think anybody knew 
about it. We laughed and spent the entire day there. The rest is 
history. So, that's why, whenever Tom or me is sad, we come here, and 
the other always knows where to find them. It's kind of like our 
meeting place. We sit there for about twenty minutes, Tom and I, not 
talking. He knows I don't wanna say anything, so we don't. I feel warm 
and cozy where I am, not ruining the moment by talking. But I know I 
won't want this for long. Tom and I are sitting back to back beside the 
edge of the falls, just looking at the last faint streaks of light as 
the sun finally fades into the far off hills. "So,what are you bumming 
about this time, babe?" Tom asks gently. This is the exact time when 
it's okay to talk, when the sun is down, and he can't see me cry, 
although he knows I'm crying. "Well," I begin tearfully, "I talked to 
Jordan today. He said that he was definitely coming to my party this 
Saturday." "Well,that's good, right?" "That part's good. But then, he 
has the nerve to ask me if Megan can come." "Megan?" "Megan. His 

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