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INSIDIOUS TEMPTATION (standard:poetry, 472 words)
Author: Semper_FidelasAdded: Sep 17 2001Views/Reads: 1944/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
OOOhhhh....the craving...the desire....the temptation!!


You know that you tempt me and test my resolve,
and all through my mind thoughts of you do revolve.
I try to avoid you and turn you away,
but you are enticing me more every day.

I know in my heart of the damage you do,
yet you test my strength and I weaken to you.
I crave what you offer and want you inside.
Your choices are endless, and I'm open wide!

You live in my mind all day in and day out.
I'm wondering now what this is all about.
You have such a way and you drive me so high,
it's nearly orgasmic and I don't know why!

You make my mouth water and my body yearn,
until to my lips once again you return.
You have such a hold, I am helpless it seems;
and to my dismay you've invaded my dreams.

Shall I just give in and succumb to your tease
by hanging my head and drop down to my knees?
If I now comply, I shall reap your reward;
But I know your pleasure's a double-edged sword.

So go right ahead and give me your best shot,
for I learned the way and the means of your plot.
Your promise of comfort's no longer enough
since it doesn't last when the going gets tough.

Present unto me all your greatest of sins
and you can now witness my new discipline.
The roast and the gravy, the cheese and the wine,
The sauces and dressings are all so divine!

Before me now place an herb-rubbed leg of lamb.
Roast up some potatoes and toss in a ham!
Please, let's not forget all the chocolate cheesecake
preceded in palate by choice pepper steak.

And give me a taste of your catch of the day
with succulent seafood I can't turn away.
The crab and the lobster, the scallops and shrimp
served up in huge portions.. you never do skimp!!!

Entice me with sundaes of hot fudge and nuts
And artery-hardening beef of prime cuts.
The chips and the dips and the soups and the stew
have all been my lovers, and sausages too!

Lay out a buffet over which you'll preside
and make sure the items are mostly deep-fried.
Hot bread doused with butter will be just the thing
to add to my waistline and make your heart sing.

I thought you my friend but you used a disguise
since all that you offered went right to my thighs.
My middle has spread and my confidence lost,
you now make it clear-- I have been double-crossed.

You ruined my chances and now I do brood,
but it got me over my craving for FOOD!
So off with you now, I am DONE with your lures
My body is MINE, it is no longer yours!!



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