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TURN ME AWAY (standard:poetry, 358 words)
Author: Semper_FidelasAdded: Sep 22 2001Views/Reads: 1848/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
First he says come...then no...then yes...what's a girl to do? Write it in verse!!


Today was the same as so many before
recalling the countenance I so adore.
It drives me to check on the latest low fare
to wisk me away from my home to you there.
The thought is enticing since you I do crave.
I honestly wonder if I can behave.
I know that I promised to leave you alone
and act as if nothing between us has grown.

Now, that's a tall order but I can comply,
keep hands to myself although questioning, "why"?
You know that your touch takes me to ecstasy.
Why can't you stop thinking and just let it be?

Now don't look at me with that eyebrow so raised
You know my caresses leave you fully dazed!
You were so bewildered to hear yourself say,
"Oh Sweetie! No more please! Enough for today!!!

You see what can happen when I wait a year
to have you beside me and sleep with you near.
Deposited love I had kept just for you
at last when released was intense, strong and true!!

When time was so short and with so much to give
I certainly was not at all tentative.
If given a replay I now can submit
and keeps my lips off you, per your requisite.

You say "Best not come, what if this thing or that?"
You fear a disturbance of your habitat.
Now please rest assured I would act with more sense
and do nothing foolish; you need not be tense.

I think that the problem may more be with you.
Perhaps you are feeling that you want me too!!!
Your wish, my command as it is evermore;
But we are sincere, and just what are friends for? 

We trust in our closeness and safe we shall be,
we now know each other most intimately.
No remnants of me will there be left behind
except my indelible soul on your mind.

The thought of a trip to you lives in my heart
Will you still persist in our staying apart?
So, now think it over..just what do you say?
Can you still refuse me and turn me away?



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