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FOOTPRINTS ON THE HEART (standard:poetry, 537 words)
Author: JACRICAdded: Sep 13 2000Views/Reads: 3689/4Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My thoughts on the people who come into our lives


People come into our lives we know not what the reason 

An hour, a day, a week, a month, or even for a season 

They touch our lives in many ways and open many doors 

And sometimes we never know what the reasons for. 

Some bring joy and some bring pain and some even love 

And from some we even feel the touch of God above 

Some get us asking for the reasons we are here 

Some just open our eyes and expose us to our fears. 

Some open our eyes to who we really are 

Some make us look at ourselves standing from afar 

Some make us happy and some even cry 

Some just make us ask ourselves for reasons why. 

Some touches are so brief we forget that they were there 

But the ones that stay the longest are the ones who really care 

And some of them you need more then they need you 

And others are the ones to help to see you through. 

And sometimes we get lucky and find that special one 

The one who'll always be there until our days are done 

Those are the one we cherish most and show we really care 

The ones who know we love them and know we're always there. 

These are the ones we nourish and slowly bring along 

The ones that make us happy and fill our hearts with song 

The ones that will listen to what we have to say 

The ones whose presence we need each andevery day. 

The ones who mean the most to us with each passing day 

The ones we try to please the most in each and every way 

The ones that we will give whatever we have to give 

The ones who will always give us the reasons that we need to live. 

And so I know when our days are done and our  lives are through 

And we stand before our God I know what he will do 

He'll look at the people we have touched and touched us in turn 

To see the lessons we have given and the lessons we have learned. 

He'll look at the love we've given and the love we have recieved 

At the people we have trusted and the people we decieved 

At everthing we have done for people on our way 

At all the things we didn't hear or didn't try to say. 

So when we stand in His judgement and he looks into our soul 

And puts our lives in prespective and sees it at it's whole 

And i know the first place that He is going to start 

Is to look at the footprints etched upon our heart. 

For each person that we touch and touches us in turn 

For each lesson given and each lesson learned 

Leaves a little footprint etched upon our heart 

And it's these little footprints that sets us all apart. 

So as you go through your life and with each passing day 

Be loving to those people that you pass along the way 

And where you left footprints hope that God will see 

That we turned out to be the person He intened us to be.


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